Things You Can Resell For Ridiculous Profits

If you have a bunch of stuff laying around that you’re looking to get rid of, or are searching for a way to easily make a little extra cash, then this is the article for you. It’s possible that some things you buy from shops could be sold for lots more money online, and things hidden in your attic may be flipped online for a profit. Lets find out the things you can resell online for a profit now!

20. Used Toilet Paper Rolls


Once you finish with a roll of toilet paper, you probably throw away the cardboard tube like a fool. What you could be doing is saving them and selling them on ebay. Apparently, they’re a staple in the world of arts and crafts supplies, and bundles of a hundred or so regularly go for ten to twenty bucks. It’s not enough to retire off, but it’s not like you had plans for the rolls otherwise. The same goes for egg cartons, thirty of which can go for almost 20 dollars.

©Gernod Schwarz 

19. Pine Cones

If you live in an area with pine trees, then you can find pine cones for the low, low price of zero dollars just laying around on the ground.


Thanks to the power of the arts and crafts community once again, you can sell these things online. People who live in weird places without trees like Nevada need pine cones for their Christmas decorations. Prices vary depending on size and quality, but twenty nice big ones can net you twenty dollars.

18. Empty Boxes

Let’s say you just bought a new iPhone X. You open it up, say some quick prayers to Steve Jobs or whatever it is Apple fans do, and then throw away the box. Like throwing away toilet paper rolls, this was a huge mistake. Unbeknownst to you, there is in fact a market for used boxes for tech.


People buy them for display reasons, or to put a used one in so that it feels new when they give it as a gift. An empty iPhone X box, for instance, can go for 10 dollars on ebay.

17. Plastic Bags

Back in 2015, England passed a law making it mandatory for grocery stores to charge 5p for a bag due to environmental concerns. The old kind of bag, which was free, soon began to appear on ebay for sale.


The power of nostalgia at work. There were listings offering of £1,000 for 5 bags. I doubt they ever sold, but I hear plastic bag collectors are a thing, so you never know. Ironically, the new kind of bags were actually thicker and better than the old free ones.

©Press Association

So if your area ever passes a law like this, don’t miss your chance to try and cash in.

16. Your Olympic Career

You probably don’t think of ebay as being the best place for crowd-funding projects, but in 2012 it helped make Olympic sprinter James Ellington’s dreams come true. After an injury caused him to fail to get a corporate sponsorship, he just put himself up for sale on ebay.

via ebay

This got him some media attention, and a shaving company decided to sponsor him.


Thanks to the power of ebay, he actually made the Great Britain Olympic team for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

15. iPhone X

©Monoar Rahman Rony 

When the iPhone X came out, people were lined up around the block for hours waiting to buy one. Everyone was hyped because it was the first one to have a letter instead of a number. As often happens, it sold out in a lot of places quickly. Some of the people who did manage to get one took advantage of this and turned right around and re-sold them on ebay for fifteen times the asking price, £15,000, or $19,000.  So when the iPhone X2 comes out, maybe it really is worth waiting in line.

14. Chicken

In 2018, tragedy struck in England. KFC closed 160 stores nationwide. But for entrepreneurs like Martin Godden, this was just an opportunity to cash in. He bought 10-piece bargain buckets from the KFC locations that were still open, and then sold them online for £100, or $127.


They sell at KFC for ten times less than that. Surprisingly and somewhat sadly, people actually bought them online. He said he planned on using the money to take his family to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in Watford. The chicken would be proud.

13. Dresses

Last year, Topshop came out with this dress, the Cutabout Stripe Ruffle.


It seems like a normal dress to me, but this is probably just because I’m a man. Apparently this dress is an absolute banger, because it sold out in every size in stores and online. It cost £48, or $60, but soon began to appear on ebay for double that. So it could be profitable to pay attention next time a dress is flying off the shelves.

12. Fortnite

©Epic Games

How is Fortnite on this list? Isn’t it free to play? These are reasonable questions that you are no doubt asking yourself. While the game is free to download and play online, a limited number of physical copies were sold last year.

©Epic Games

They are now being re-sold online for as much as a thousand dollars on ebay and . I’m not sure I want to meet the twelve year old who is both that committed to Fornite and also rich enough to afford this. I’m sure he has a lot of nasty things to say about my mother.

11. Star Wars Action Figures

©Caters News Agency

When was the last time you carefully looked through your old Star Wars action figures? There could be some serious cash in there. An auction last year of some of the rarest figures in the world ended up generating more than $360,000. The real draw of the auction was an ultra-rare Bib Fortuna figure estimated to be worth around $30,000.

©Caters News Agency

For you casuals out there, Bib Fortuna is that guy who hangs out in Jabba the Hutt’s palace and looks like his head is made out of a snake. There are only five of these particular model in existence, probably because nobody cares about Bib. There, I said it. What are you going to do about that star wars fans?

10. Tesla Surfboards

You probably know Tesla for their cars and for Elon Musk having an anime character as his twitter profile picture. What you might not know is that Tesla also created a limited edition brand of surfboard.


They only sold 200 for $1,500 each. They came in red or black, and were designed to be able to fit into any model of Tesla. If you want to get one now, you’re going to have to hit up ebay, where they’re going to cost you $5,000 now. For reference, a normal surfboard that doesn’t have the Tesla logo on it will only cost you $500 on average.

9. KitKat Gold

Depending on what country you live in, you may or may not have heard of KitKat Gold, a limited edition version of KitKats that had caramel.


It was said to be really delicious, and a 170gram block was only $4.50. So basically a normal price for candy. When it sold out, however, you could no longer get it for a normal price at all, and if you wanted to get some you had to turn to the internet, where people were flipping them for $200. The hype has sort of died down, so now you can find them for only $38 on ebay. What a steal.

8. Greggs Vegan Sausage Rolls

In another example of why it can pay to quickly cash in on rare or highly anticipated foods, early this year Greggs vegan sausage rolls were being sold on ebay for £12.50, or $15, despite selling in stores for twelve times less than that.

©Press Association

These things really weren’t even that rare, and unlike KitKat Gold, they were still available in shops when they were being sold on ebay.


So I’m not sure what was even going on here.

7. Stikeez

For the unaware, Stikeez, are little plastic figurines that look like various fruits and vegetables but with faces.


For every thirty dollars you spent at Coles, you got one for free. The goal was to try and get kids to eat healthy food. People sold them online for $30 each, which is pretty absurd considering the original price of zero dollars. There were also complete sets available with every character for $500. So if you have any of these things laying around, clearly now is the time to cash in.

6. Drinks

After a UK law designed to counter obesity and tooth decay led to Ribena and Capri Sun changing their recipes to avoid new sugar taxes, a market opened up for the old kind.

©Ribena(left) & Capri Sun(right)

If you have any of the original hidden deep in the back of your fridge somewhere, you should consider selling them on ebay, where a bottle of the original Ribena can go for £98, or $124.


In stores, a bottle of the new kind goes for about £3, or $4. This new kind must really suck if this is what people have resorted to.

5. Dyson Airwrap

Early in 2019, Dyson, the company best known for making those weird magic fans, released a hair tool that can dry, straighten, and curl hair.


It cost between $499 and $549, which is to be expected considering that it replaces three other devices and looks like it comes from the future. However, they sold out fast, so if you have one, you might want to flip it, since they’re going for $1200 and more on ebay.

4. Szechuan Sauce

Perhaps the most infamous example on this list is the limited edition Szechuan Sauce from McDonalds.


Originally available in 1998 as part of a marketing campaign for the movie Mulan, it was memed back into existence in 2017 by the show Rick and Morty, which references the supposedly delicious sauce in an episode where Rick states that obtaining the sauce is his big goal in life.

©Warner Bros

It must have been a real person’s big goal in life too, because somebody bought a bottle of the sauce for $15000 on ebay. Yes, that is the correct amount of zeros. $15000.

3. Shoes

Another thing it might be worth waiting in a super long line to get for the purpose of re-selling them online is shoes. People waited in line for three days to get Off-White x Nike Air Max 90s for £140, or $177.


They ended up on ebay for five times that price the next day.

Similarly, Adidas released a limited edition pair of shoes called Temper Run for £80, or $100.


They were selling for triple that online within a few hours. People love shoes, so if you’ve got anything limited edition in a closet somewhere it could be worth looking up what they’re going for.

2. Sponges

Mrs. Hinch, viral cleaning expert, has built a loyal army of followers who will take her advice on how to tidy up as scripture. So when she named the M&S non-scratch cleaning sponge as her personal sponge of choice, it quickly sold out in stores.


According to people on the internet, it is actually a pretty high quality sponge considering it only costs£1. Mrs. Hinch struck again by endorsing The Minky, a similar £2.50 sponge.

©Ken McKay

After this one sold out too, it started to pop up on ebay for nearly £8,000, which is 3,000 times the retail price.

1. Ketchup Caviar

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Heinz, the company made their strangest product since purple ketchup.

©John Godwin

The so-called Ketchup Caviar was not actual caviar, but tiny little pearls of tomato sauce that look like caviar. This sounds weird, but apparently people were into it. Only 150 jars were made, and you had to enter a drawing to win one. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, ebay is your last chance, where the jars were selling for $399. Might as well buy actual caviar at that point.


So, has this list made you aware of some things in your house that you can resell online? Would you actually buy any of these things? Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, if you enjoyed this article make sure to sign up by entering your email address. Thanks for reading!

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