Mysterious Bone Discoveries That Shocked The World

Discovering a skeleton is always a shocking experience. But what do you do when that discovery turns out to be something out of Sci-FI novel? We’re about to find out. Here are the top 10 most mysterious bone discoveries in the world.

10. Skeleton Action Shots

No, this doesn’t refer to dinosaur nudes. But it is probably the closest real-life thing we have to that and is still extremely strange. The rules of life have almost always been: kill-or-be-killed. Never was it truer than during prehistoric times, as proven by some fossils which are basically screenshots of epic battles in real life. One example shows A Protoceratopos locked in combat with a velociraptor; yes the Jurassic Park thing.

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The cause of death is a bit weird. Scientists conclude that the velociraptor had cut the neck of the Proceratopos and, in turn, had its arm broken. But how did they both die? Well in the mother of all escalations, they simply got covered by a sudden sand flow and got preserved for ages.

Another example shows a fish…catching a pterosaur…that is catching a fish.

©Eberhard Frey

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this does look like a meme. The best guess as to how this had happened is that the biggest fish in the picture pulled them all into the water and the pterosaur died holding the smaller fish. In turn, the bigger fish suffocated with such a large haul in its mouth. Then they all descended into the murky depths together… So romantic.

9. Mysterious Skulls from Antarctica

Back in 2014, the world was shocked about a story of ancient human remains in Antarctica when it was previously thought that humans didn’t form settlements there. What set the mysterious bone discovery apart was the skulls that were strangely elongated and, of course, resembled those of your generic aliens in the media.


This led a lot of people to theorize that these were the ancient aliens that first visited Earth. Even though this is almost definitely not the case, the finding was still amazing.  The elongation of the skulls resembles the practices of ancient tribes in many parts of the world such as in a large number of African tribes. Called ‘Artificial cranial deformation’ they would intentionally deform the skull of a child using head binding to distort its normal growth.


It is thought that having a larger head demonstrates a higher social status of the person, suggesting they’re more intelligent and closer to the world of the spirits. Sadly, after a big debate online, it has been concluded that these ‘Antarctic discoveries’ are most likely an elaborate hoax. If something like this was actually found, it would shatter our current knowledge about humanity’s past.

8. Atacama Skeleton

Back in 2003, the skeleton of a human fetus was found in a deserted Chilean town called La Noria, in Chile’s Atacama region.

©Bhattacharya S et al.

Aside from the skeleton looking like something from an Alien VS Predator spinoff, it was caused a lot of debate because it had 64 unusual mutations in 7 genes that are linked to the skeletal system. The remains had a total of 10 pairs of ribs and a whole slew of other medical problems. While a lot of people say that it’s an alien that was buried by ancient humans, the more realistic story might actually be just a very sad tale. A baby was born prematurely in an environment it couldn’t survive. Coupled with its defects, it probably succumbed to a horrible death… Man, this just got dark…

7. British Sea Monster

A lot of things wash up on British shores. While most of them turn out to be used condoms and beer cans, once in a while you get something interesting. Back in 2011, a mysterious 30ft or 9 meters skeleton was found on a beach near Aberdeen.


While a lot of people quickly started saying that the creature was actually a badly decomposed whale or another sea mammal, this wouldn’t be the first time a new sea creature had been found this way. Sadly, since its discovery, not a lot of follow up research has been done on this creature. That probably means that it was a badly decomposed …err… something. Oddly enough, this is not the first time a supposed monster washed up in the UK. So, what are the brits doing to the ocean?

6. Wisconsin Giants

No, it’s not a lesser-known football team. But it does still relate to huge men that could probably beat you to a pulp. Way back in 1912, the New York Times published a story about 18 skeletons that were found on Lake Lawn Farm.


They were around 10 feet, or 3 meters, in height, and had a double row of teeth as well as 6 fingers and 6 toes. Now if this isn’t weird enough, these things would actually coincide with a lot of ancient teachings. Giant beings have been mentioned in everything from random ancient notes to the Bible itself.

©Willgard Krause

The story also includes a conspiracy theory. It states that there are a lot more of these skeletons out there and that they’re being hidden by governments to hide humanity’s true past. This of course is probably nonsense. A more logical explanation would be that animal bones were just mixed up with human ones in order to create another convincing fake.

5. Giant Scorpion

Well here’s something for your next scheduled nightmare; a claw was found in the town of Prüm in Rhineland Palatinate that is said to have belonged to an ancient scorpion.

©Braddy et al.

It was probably around 2.5 meters or around 8.2 feet tall. While scientists have known about giant insects roaming prehistoric earth, there was little evidence to support giant arachnids before this discovery. And yes, I said arachnids, which means that the past was littered by giant spiders and crabs that probably wanted to be as close to you as possible.

©Patrick Lynch

While this is terrifying to all of us, rest assured that these spawns of Satan roamed the Earth’s oceans some 400 million years ago.

4. Nazi Demon Skulls

The story of this mysterious bone discovery is actually even stranger than its name. In 2014, a team of Russian scientists led by Vladimir Milenkov found these things in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach, in Russia.


If these things aren’t creepy enough, a briefcase and a map were found in the nearby woods that seem to be from a member of the Ahnenerbe, the most secretive of Nazi institutions.


The presence of the Ahnenerbe gives a lot of credit to this story since their main mission during WW2 was to conduct research into the real origin of humans and the Aryan race. A lot of people did start pulling the hoax card. However, others have said that these things are real considering that they’re a perfect match for what most religions consider to be demons. Sadly this is where information about these skulls stops since no research or news articles about the skulls have come out lately. That means that they were most likely some weird handcrafting experiment. But let’s be honest here, we’d much rather have it be some weird vodka fueled experiment than a bunch of demon Nazis…

3. Skeletons of Roopkund

An icy lake full of ancient skeletons with weird injuries? Must be an archeologist’s wet dream. This mysterious bone discovery was found thanks to a bit of luck since they were at the bottom of the icy lake.


They were only visible during a one month period when the ice melted. Tests also showed that the skeletons were a mixed group of short people, presumed to be locals, and tall people. They seem to have a unique mutation connecting them to people that inhabit the Maharashtra region. The findings fueled a lot of debate regarding how did they ended up there and what exactly happened. The best explanation so far is that the taller skeletons were on some sort of pilgrimage and were accompanied by the locals. Their demise is attributed to blunt force trauma to the head from, what appears to be, some round object.


Yet researches concluded that weapons were not consistent with the wounds. It is therefore theorized that these poor guys were unlucky enough to be caught in a storm. It must’ve hurled objects straight into their faces which resulted in a clean yet painful death.

2. Tiny Winged Humans

These tiny creatures were found in the basement of an old house in London.

©Alex CF

They are said to belong to Thomas Theodore Merrylin, a wealthy aristocrat from the 19th century. The creatures are in various states, from skeletons to decomposing remains. Most of them are held in small cases with their wings nailed to the wooden panels.

©Alex CF

The reason that they’re here fits the whole “wealthy collector” alibi with other contents of the collection being alleged notes from Jack the Ripper’s victims and human organs preserved in jars. The fairy collection also came with, what looks like, analysis and scientific data scribbled on paper. That could mean that these were being researched by the collector or someone else back in the 19th century.

©Alex CF

The whole collection is now owned by a man called Alex CF. Since he is an artist, that makes it almost certain that these things are a hoax. In the end, the fairies are on display if you want to look at them or indulge in a weird fetish.

1. Dragon Skeletons

Dragons have appear in myths and legends in almost all of the world’s cultures. So you can imagine how shocked people were when a skeleton resembling one of the beasts was found in Zhangjiakou City, China.


A video of this mysterious bone discovery appeared back in 2017. A lot of the locals filmed it, being pretty convinced that it was, in fact, the real deal. The skeleton was approximately 60ft, or 18.2 meters, long. It closely resembled the dragons from Chinese legends which looked like snakes on steroids and a few legs thrown into the mix.

©Till Ahrens

The skeleton was, of course, taken by the authorities to be examined. But since then, no news has been published at the time this article is being made. While a lot of people may believe that these are genuine, the past proves differently. There are a lot of stories of seafarers finding skeletons and pulling the dragon bones card without taking the time to think and analyze. And, in a lot of these cases, the skeletons were just proven to be the remains of birds, specifically the bones of their pelvis area.

©Renegade Lisp

There are also skeptics who believe they were made using dozens of dog skeletons to create something of an ‘art’ piece. Interestingly enough, there was even a dragon hoax back in 2013 that scared everyone walking on the beach it was found on.


So why this was never reported? Well, it turned out to be a very clever ad for Game of Thrones. Coming to think of it, it was also a very bad spoiler. Sadly, since we are yet to be updated on the dragon find, the story about the dog bones seems to be the most credible explanation here. Man, that made me depressed.

Do you think most of the mysterious bone discoveries were hoaxes? And what do you feel about hoaxes in general? Are they one of the worst things about the internet, or just a bit of fun? I’d like to know, so make sure to drop a comment down below. Thanks for reading!

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