The Most Unusual Families In The World

unusual families

What’s the weirdest thing your family does? Friday evening family night, ugly Christmas jumpers or a holiday when you get to meet all the aunts and uncles you don’t even remember? If you think you have it rough, take a look at these unusual families. From “cringy” to “absurd”, these families are more peculiar than you can imagine.

10- The Duggars

This family has 19 kids and counting. In 1984, Jim and Michelle got married and decided to postpone having a child until they were financially stable. About 4 years down the road, the time came, but unfortunately, the contraception they used until then affected Michelle, so she had a miscarriage. As devoted Christians, that was a tough moment, which made them ask “God to bless them with as many children as He saw fit in His timing”.

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To keep track of them easier, I would say, all their names start with J. They even had their own TV show “19 kids and counting”, which was canceled a few years back, when Josh, the elder son, admitted to “fondling” 5 girls, including his sisters.


And if you were wondering, 19 kids still isn’t anywhere near the largest living family. That title goes to the Chana family. Fathered by Ziona Chana, they all live in a 100 room, 4 story house in India. He has 30 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren. He admits to marrying 10 women in 1 year and is the head of a sect that permits polygamy.

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But that still isn’t the biggest family ever. The Vassilyev family from Russia holds the record for the most children a couple has parented. Mrs. Vassilyev gave birth to a total of 69 children, including 16 pairs of twins and 7 sets of triplets. 67 of the 69 children survived infancy, and this record has lasted since 1782, and doesn’t look like it’s going to be beaten any time soon!

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9- The Bunker Brothers

Did you know that the word “Siamese” refers to someone or something from Thailand? It seems strange, since the only times we hear the word is when referring to Siamese twins, but you’ll understand why this came about once you hear about the Bunker Brothers.

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Chang and Eng, conjoined twins, were born in a small village in Siam -now Thailand – in 1881. Against all odds, they survived a long life and ended up rich and married. The “rich” part is not that shocking – given that they gained fame in America and toured as circus ‘freaks’; but, married? And with kids? That’s a little unbelievable.

The twins married 2 sisters and shared a large size bed, double king maybe, and had 21 kids in total. One very big happy family, until the sisters, had a fallout and they moved into different houses. Only the wives, because the twins were on a twice-a-week moving ritual from one home to another. I am pretty sure this doesn’t count as adultery.

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In January 1874, Chang died, after a prolonged illness and 2 hours and a half later, Eng died as well. Some say that the panic of being attached to a dead body is what killed Eng. On autopsy, it was revealed that even if the bodies could have been separated, none of them could have survived.

8- John Joe Gray’s family

Fighting ‘justice’ doesn’t always need violence. Only guns. Gun-owner John Joe Gray has holed up his family on a ranch in Texas, in the longest stand-off in history: 15 years.

When John Joe learned that the Anderson County was pressing charges against him for assault of a public servant and taking a police officer’s weapon, he and his family retreated to their farm in Texas and have since lived a simple life, hunting and picking fruits. He even has a niece born on the farm.

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Even though John Joe Gray is not a wanted man anymore, he refuses to leave the ranch.

He doesn’t seem to like the government so much, seeing as anti-government pamphlets and references to setting off a bomb on a highway overpass near Dallas were found in his car at the time of the arrest. And now, he is in debt for not paying his taxes. It’s been a decade since he paid taxes, and now he owes nearly $35,000 to the IRS. The man can’t catch a break.

7- The “Jim” Twins

It’s easy to spot the similarities between twins when they’re together and even easier to assume that the likeness comes from the fact they were raised together. The Jim Twins prove a different story.

Adopted in different families, James “Jim” Lewis and James “Jim” Springer reunited after 39 years and discovered they shared more than identical features.

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Both were named James by their adoptive parents and had a dog named Toy, both enjoyed carpentry and math, both married a Linda and both then divorced. The situation didn’t change with the second wife: two Betties, two sons named James Alan, same career choice as a security guard. They even drove a Chevrolet, and both went for smoking as their vice of choice.

It’s a case for the books, even though after reuniting with his twin, Jim Lewis divorced his second wife Betty and married a Susan, with his brother as the best man. No sign of a Susan for the other twin. Just yet.

6- The Brett family

The Scottish Brett family has no less than 10 boys; no girls. The oldest one is 16 and the youngest one just 1 year old. Five loads of laundry in a day, 60 pairs of trainers and a 5:30 a.m. wake up call. It’s all about the numbers in that house. Alexis and David Brett welcomed a baby every two years, even though they never planned to have such a big family.

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With no girl in sight, aside from the mother, you can expect a “man cave house”, but Alexis Brett keeps the house running and the spirits high. With her chilled parenting, the mother manages to go to the gym 3 times a week and she is also qualified as a fitness instructor and plans to start giving classes next year. Bravo, because that must be A LOT of work!

Now, I hope you’re ready for “images that can’t be unseen”, just like this dad who decided to reveal all for a family photo.

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And, when it comes to family, there’s no better activity when you have them all around than to go through the old photo album. Unless you’re this family. Imagine your first girlfriend and your father proudly presenting one of your first photoshoots. Naked family photo shooting. And you are not even the youngest one, so playing the rustled “I was too young to remember” doesn’t work.

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But all it’s good when parents are on the same side and harmony is all around. And some guns. Held by the kids. Who are very young. But smiling.

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And if you thought they were weird family photos… stick around till the end, to hear about this horrific one!

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5- The Deaves father and daughter

John Deaves left his family when his daughter Jenny was only 1 year old. They reunited 30 years after and started a family of their one. As a couple. And yes, they did have kids.

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Even though Jenny was married and already had 2 kids of her own, soon after she met her father, they had 2 babies. After 8 years of relationship, the authorities intervened and the couple was banned from having sex and sentenced to a three-year good behavior sentence, but they continued to escape “the law” for another year, until breaking up in 2009.

The judge took into consideration the fact that one of their two babies died because of a heart defect, which could have been a result of the incest. The second baby, named Celeste, appeared to be a healthy little girl and left to be living with her mother-sister and father-grandfather.

All this sounds really strange, but it’s not too uncommon – after all, there’s even a term related to it. The term ‘genetic sexual attraction‘ refers to an overwhelming sexual attraction that may develop between close blooded relatives who later meet as adults.

Another case of “genetic sexual attraction”, is Monica Mares, who fell in love with her son after reconnecting with him 18 years after she gave him up for adoption.

4- Jack Yufe and Oskar Stohr

Jack Yufe and Oskar Stohr are 2 twins separated at birth, with an insane life story: one was raised Jewish and became a part of the Israeli Navy while the other was raised Catholic and joined the Nazi movement.

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Growing up in different places, with a contrasting political point of view, the twins didn’t lack similarities: both read books from back to front, sneezed loudly in elevators, wrapped rubber bands around their wrists, flushed toilets before and after using them and both loved spicy food and butter.

Their estranged relationship, which couldn’t hide all their similar traits, made them one of the most interesting cases in the Minnesota Twin Family Study: nature gave them similar characteristics, but nurture separated them religiously, politically and linguistically.

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Even though they had a chance to find each other, their relationship was never easy and after spending 6 days together, the twins never saw each other again until they participated in the study.

3- Mary-Kate Letourneau and a student

We all had innocent crushes on certain teachers at school. But Mary-Kay Letourneau took it way too far when she pleaded guilty to sleeping with her 12 years old student. Guess what? They are still married today and they have two daughters.

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Mary-Kay went to prison for 7 years under the accusation of child rape but got married to her student after she got out. They’re happily married to this day, though it looks like they filed for a separation last year, because, allegedly, the husband wants to get into the marijuana business.

And you know, being married to a registered sex offender does not look good on your CV. At least the babies came when he was of legal age, unlike this version of a modern fairytale:

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2- Pearl Carter and grandson Phil Bailey reunited

When his mother Lynette died, Phil Bailey decided to look for his grandmother, Pearl Carter. Forced by her Catholic upbringing to give her ‘out-of-wedlock’ daughter, Lynette, up for adoption, Pearl never had the chance to reunite with her daughter, so she was very happy when her grandson contacted her. Their feelings were stronger than they imagined, so in no time they became lovers. And soon to be parents. Apparently, they had paid $20,000 to a surrogate mother to have the child.

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After my nausea went away, I decided to research a bit more and it’s more likely the story – or at least some of its details – was a hoax. Since then, no photos or information about them has surfaced again and the website that initially posted the story removed it a week after, with no explanation.

However, I’d still like to know where the photos of them kissing came from, and while the story may have been fabricated, such a relationship has happened. Back in 1978, a very true story circulated of a 21-year old man who married his 77-year old step-grandmother!

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1- The tale of the Colts

This Australian family reshapes the meaning of parentage and literally shocks the entire world. The movie-like story started in New Zealand when June Colt was born after incest. She went on to have 7 children with her brother Tom and moved to Australia.

From then on it went all downhill. The police uncovered unsanitary caravans, tents, and sheds where all 38 Colts lived their lives.

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The kids were aware that their father became their uncle and they were malnourished, sexually abused and in a critical state of health. Most of them suffered from diseases strictly related to having parents with identical genes.

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Trying not to draw too much attention to themselves, four generations of the Colt family had moved around the country from South Australia to Victoria, Western Australia and then back across the continent to NSW.

This image by Roger Ballen shows just how much this can affect development, although it’s unclear if these brothers are the direct result of incest or a genetic disorder that is prevalent in their community.

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Now back to that unusual family photo straight out of a horror movie. The family itself isn’t necessarily unusual, but their family photos certainly are. They made headlines across the world when the Zarings, a family from Missouri, decided to hire a professional photographer to capture their happy family.

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But despite the pricey $250 fee the Zarings paid, it appeared the photographer wasn’t the professional they claimed to be. Apparently the photographer contacted them about an issue with the lighting of the photos, as the “shadows were really bad.” Rather than reshoot the pictures, the photographer promised a little retouching would fix the problem. The family posted their retouched family pictures onto Facebook after they didn’t turn out quite the way they expected – and the results had people in hysterics. Needless to say, they went viral quickly.

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Which family did you think was the most unusual? Does your neighbor father a Little League team or fell in love with the wrong side of the family? Let me know in the comments down below.

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