Creative Halloween Costumes People Took to The Next Level (Part 2)

October 31st is certainly a day for lovers of all things spooky to unite and take to the streets in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for some inspiration or just in need of a good scare, you have come to the right place. Check out these creative Halloween costumes people took to the next level…

Decapitated Frozen Head

©Diva Jay/

One Texas mom became the coolest parent in the neighbourhood when she unveiled this ingenious Halloween costume in 2016. Alicia Williams made an entire fridge-freezer which opened to reveal her own decapitated frozen head. Moreover it is finished up with details like a grocery-list, a box of frozen Eggo’s and even cereal on top. Surely anyone opening their front door to this unsuspecting fridge on Halloween was in for a real shock…

Man Cut in Half


If going out headless isn’t really your thing, why not cut yourself in half instead like this guy? Can’t get your head around this yet? All it took was some thrift-shop clothes, a cardboard box and some carefully practiced posture. If you’ve had one too many, you can carry yourself home from the party!

Van Gogh

© TrevorMicheal/ée d’Orsay, dist.RMN/Patrice Schmidt

Halloween costumes don’t always have to be terrifying. With impressive skills like these on show I bet this guy had the best in the room. From the hand-painted rendition of ‘Starry Night’ on his back to the detailing on his face, this man has Van Gogh down to a T… all that’s missing is a bloody severed ear.

Giant Mutant Spider Dog


Spooky season isn’t just for us humans – just check out this adorable pup bringing our worst nightmares to life as a giant mutant spider. If you’re in doubt about how scary this little fella could really be, just watch him terrorising pedestrians late at night

Alien Abduction


Why not jump aboard the Area 51 raid and bag yourself a big green alien to whisk you away and onto the nearest spaceship? This ingenious inflatable suit is bound to impress – and abduction has never looked so fun!

Ratatouille Costume

Sometimes the simplest costumes are the most effective. How would you react to being served by this guy at a restaurant? This Ratatouille cosplay is seriously spot-on. In fact, it wouldn’t shock you to find little Remy actually sitting under there pulling the strings… or should I say hair?


Hair-Raising Costume

There’s something about little girls with long black hair which is timelessly creepy thanks to classic horror films like The Ring, and this girl takes full advantage with her hair-raising costume. Serious props for creating the signature TV from which Samara appears – just give her the candy and run.


Deported Girl

This girl decided to go as something truly terrifying for Halloween at her school. Making light of Americas tense political climate, she decided to depict herself getting deported by Mr Trump himself by creating this clever optical-illusion costume. Carrying yourself off in a box is both a hilarious statement and one genius creative Halloween costume…


Taco Belle

©Olivia Mears

Speaking of witty costumes, allow me to introduce you to Disney’s latest princess: Taco Belle. This hilarious costume is the work of cosplayer Olivia Mears or ‘Avant-Geek’, who made the punny outfit after dressing as fast-food the year before. Sadly, the giant tacos aren’t edible, but real Taco Bell wrappers were used – I wonder how much Mexican food she had to eat?

X-Ray Makeup

You don’t need to go all-out on outfitsto make a lasting impression; just look at this jaw-dropping X-Ray makeup by artist Amazing Jiro on Instagram. The time and effort taken to replicate the intricate scan would definitely be worth it to see everyone’s faces when you drop the glass pane or open your eyes.

X-Ray makeup by ‘Amazing Jiro’ from interestingasfuck

Office Halloween Costume

All it takes is a little imagination to create a clever costume which also requires minimal effort, and this guy definitely had the right idea for his office Halloween contest. Look familiar to you? That’s kinda the point, as this smiley chap has just inserted himself into a generic Stock Photo… haunting.


Walt Disney Fresh from the Freezer

via Reddit

We’ve all seen plenty of Disney costumes on Halloween, but why not go a step further and dress up as the man himself – fresh out the freezer, of course. This totally original idea is perfectly executed; from the black-and-white Steamboat Willie toy to the frost particles in his moustache and even the handwritten Walt nametag, this is how a real ghost should be done.

Darla from Finding Nemo

When the orthodontist says you can’t have your braces off before October 31st, why not make the most of it? Darla from Finding Nemo was annoying even for the youngest movie-goer, and this creative Halloween costume brings the brat to life in all her infuriating glory… Nemo, you good in there, buddy?


Glued to Toilet Costume

If you find yourself suddenly glued to the toilet on the eve of a big Halloween bash, why not take the whole thing with you? I’m not sure what the logic behind this costume was, but at least it’s been executed to perfection.Just imagine how much space this boy took up in the buffet queue, and how did he sit down to eat?


Fugitive Extra-Terrestrial Bump

If you’re a soon-to-be parent it’s never too early for the little one to experience their first Halloween, even if they won’t quite remember it. Nothing was stopping this pregnant woman from enjoying herself on October 31st as she disguised her bump as a fugitive extra-terrestrial in disguise; meta and adorable.

©Monica Cortes/Instagram

Angler Fish from Finding Nemo


For anyone scared by the angler fish scene in Finding Nemo, these costumes will bring back some terrifying memories. These girls look scary enough with the lights on, but I can only imagine the horror that ensued at whatever party they were attending judging by the second photo…

Hornet’s Nest Costume


The internet is full of inspiration when it comes to creepy stuff, and this photo of a hornet’s nest formed perfectly around a hockey mask was all this man needed for the perfect costume. The reference may be niche, but the impact remains–it’s almost like Friday 13th’s Jason teamed up with wasps, which sounds truly awful.

Terrifying Clown


You know what could be scarier than a clown? An even more terrifying clown carrying another clown’s decapitated head around – and not just any poor old red-nosed victim; Ronald McDonald to be exact. This video is enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone, but fair play to whoever dreamed up such nightmare-fuel.

Life-Size Snow Globe


Here’s a wholesome costume which is as unique as it is impressive. One ingenious father was determined to make sure his daughter had the best Halloween outfit on the block in 2009, and a pile of foam, hot glue and spray paint was all he needed for this life-size snow globe.

Life-Size Sloths


If the perfect Halloween couples costume doesn’t exist, then what do you call this? Somehow these life-size sloths don’t seem like they’d be so approachable when the lights go down. Perhaps they were aiming for the sloths from Zootopia, in which case a lot of slow method acting would be required.

Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus


This Hocus Pocus cosplay is so spookily accurate it’s as if the original Sanderson sisters stepped right out the big screen and into your living room – I wonder if they mastered the art of the broomstick in time for the big night.

Golden Statues Group Costume

©Anna Pitts

Coming up with a group Halloween costume can be tricky when no one can agree on a theme, but these sporting fanatics hit the nail on the head with this impressive ensemble. Staff members at Orange Grove Charter School greeted students in 2017 as golden statues of their favourite sport from basketball to cheerleading, if only all teachers were this fun.


If you were using Microsoft before 2001, you’ll likely remember this little guy – the office assistant named Clippy who would pop up to irritate… I mean, assist you. This nostalgic costume pays homage to the charismatic paper clip by bringing him to life for Halloween – complete with a message about the ‘sexy’ stereotyping of women’s costumes, touché Clippy.

© ChemistryAndPhysicsAreFun/ (left)Ethan Trewhitt (right)

Tornado Costumes


There’s a costume for everything these days – just take a look at this clever take on the Z-List-movie Sharknado. If the idea of sharks being swept up in a tornado wasn’t ridiculous enough, why not turn it into a novelty outfit! And check out this moving tornado costume from The Wizard of Oz – the wicked witch is so last year.

🌪 costume! Hand made. What do you think? from r/HalloweenCostume

Baby Operated Power Loader


There’s no chance the parents of this baby are going to lose sight of him while out Trick Or’ Treating in this huge cardboard recreation of the power loaders from the Alien franchise. I hope there’s an adult hidden in there, or this is one smart baby…

Xenomorph from Alien


That baby might be in trouble if he bumps into this guy on the street. This horrifyingly realistic version of the Xenomorph from Alien has been painstakingly constructed using cardboard, foam piping and a lot of shiny black spray-paint. This could be the most epic fight over candy ever…

Sexy Costume

©Jamie Kruger

If you want a sexy costume this Halloween, look no further than this. Minimal effort is required –in fact, it looks straight off the rack! This ironic costume is actually super well thought-out, just check out the sexy potato costume on the packaging, who could resist?

Pretending to be Flames

via Imgur

Last-minute plans can suck when Halloween comes around and you haven’t even thought about what to wear, but thankfully this guy had a quick and easy solution. No, not the dude in dungarees… look a little closer at that log fire and you’ll spot the man who decided to spend the party pretending to be flames.

Oogie Boogie


Halloween provides the opportunity for creatives to show off some crazy skills, and the woman inside this Oogie Boogie look really pulled through with her incredibly creative Halloween costume. It must’ve taken some serious sewing knowledge to turn a potato sack into the villain from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and if this gets was into a contest, I’m sure she had it in the bag…

No Face


Most young kids want to go Trick or’ Treating as a pirate or a princess, but this girl clearly got her own unique wish when she turned up to school dressed as the creepy spirit ‘No Face’from the movie Spirited Away. Her classmates may look horrified, but this little girl seems totally unphased, and she’s even got a matching black purse to finish up the look.


If there’s one thing you wouldn’t wanna come across on Hallows eve, its Slenderman… but that isn’t going to stop guys like this from scaring the living daylights out of you anyway. This dapper dude definitely isn’t looking for candy, and if that wasn’t bad enough check out Slenderman and his son… he really has his eyes.

© &

Scary Face Makeup

©Mimi Choi

All makeup artist Mimi Choi needs to give a good fright is her own face which she uses as a canvas for some seriously trippy optical illusions. From a melting waxwork to a gruesome depiction of her own sliced-up head, these looks are enough to turn stomachs at any Halloween event. If those didn’t float your boat, why not turn up completely faceless!

©Mimi Choi



Whether you consider yourself a gamer or not, the colourful cast of Super Mario are instantly recognisable, and this costume takes things to the next level with a life size recreation of everyone’s favourite villain Bowser. This spookily accurate outfit has been carefully carved out of foam, and it kinda looks like he’s about to head up a board meeting in this office…

Stilt Spirit


Seeing this thing in the street would stop you in your tracks. It’s hard to believe there’s even a human inside this amazing ‘Stilt Spirit’ costume, but all it takes is some foam padding and some serious balancing skills to pull this horrifying look off.



There’s something about seeing horror movie characters in real-life which only furthers the terror, and this incredible Babadook costume is going to stick with you forever. Even if that coat was full of candy I would not be going anywhere near this guy.

Beetlejuice Costume


Here’s someone else totally winning at movie cosplay with this spookily accurate Beetlejuice costume. According to the woman under the ghoulish makeup, the look took four months to create and the carousel even spins! I just hope those arms extend to go full Mr-Tickle on whoever comes near…

Pickle Rick


The lovable characters from the network smash Rick & Morty make great double-act Halloween costumes, but Carl Leck took things to the next level with his real-life interpretation of the legendary Pickle Rick. The detail and intricate paintwork on this seriously cool outfit make it look like the mutant pickle has really stepped right out of the cartoon and onto the street, and that menacing face is enough to make you give up all your candy.

Pennywise the Clown

Pennywise the clown has been tormenting movie-goers since the arrival of the IT remake in 2016 which inspired an onslaught of Halloween horrors, but no one hits the nail on the head quite like this. Seasoned cosplayer Natalia Karlenkova took on the challenge of recreating the demon clown and boy did she pull it off – this jaw-dropping costume must’ve taken hours to create, and the final product could put Bill Skarsgård to shame.

©Natalia Karlenkova

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, check out the guy who transformed his house into a live-action IT experience on Halloween – now that’s what I call commitment.

So, which of these creative Halloween costumes impressed you the most? And what’s the most unique Halloween costume you’ve ever put on? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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