Neighbours You’re Lucky Not to Live Next To

bad neighbour

While most of us have nice neighbours that only annoy us every once in a while, some people have neighbours that just don’t seem to know how to be good neighbours or even decent human beings. At the end of this article, you’ll probably want to thank your neighbours for not making this list… Unless they did. In which case… tough luck?

Some people like to keep their own lawns trimmed. Some people like it when other people keep their lawns trimmed. And then there are the special few that will take this desire to the extreme and burn someone’s house down for not keeping their lawn as short as they thought it should be.

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That’s exactly what happened when Phillip Roger Bennett told his neighbour Marty to cut his lawn or else, but when Marty ignored him, he actually burnt his house down. Marty and his daughter barely escaped with their lives, all because Marty was OK with the length of his lawn, and his neighbour was not.


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Sometimes it’s hard to know which neighbour is worse when one does something and the other retaliates with an equally-awful response. However, this case has a clear winner for the biggest jerk award. And that would be the people filming the video.

Apparently their neighbour blocked their shared driveway, then left for the day. For some reason, they decided that the proper course of action after a couple warnings was to destroy his car with their truck.


This is a great example of a harmless prank that doesn’t take things too far when neighbours have been annoying. After this guy’s neighbours kept him up all night with their loud music, he decides to get some revenge with a smartphone app that allows him to turn off their TV from his house.


And now we’re right back to people destroying other people’s property. These lovely neighbours weren’t fans of the hallway security camera, so they took to trying to destroy it with an axe and spraying over the lens. Relax, ladies. It’s there to keep you safe.


This guy just wouldn’t give up his dream of driving his neighbours out of their house. It started like so many other neighbourly disagreements, centering on a parking issue. But from there it escalated quickly.

Jeffrey Wright started things off by throwing dog faeces at his neighbours and into their yard. When that didn’t work, he aimed massive floodlights at their house all night long. Then he attempted to run them off the road in his car. When that just landed him in prison, he hired a hitman to take them out.

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Fortunately for his neighbours, the plot to take them out was discovered before it was carried out, and this bad neighbour went back to prison, where he, hopefully, was a bit nicer to his neighbours.

Here’s another example of someone that refused to quit when they should have. Jean Wilding used tactics that were so effective, some of her neighbours had to be treated for depression.

She dumped broken glass, oil, and dead animals on their driveway. She also kept an eye on them by turning her CCTV camera towards their house and blasted offensive music in the middle of the night.

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If that wasn’t enough, she also used the old “shining floodlights into the neighbour’s house all night” trick. But she was the one that suffered in the end. After her neighbours filed enough complains, she ended up paying over $100,000 in damages. That just goes to show you that being a horrible neighbour doesn’t pay any better than crime.

Possibly worse than a neighbour that’s openly hostile is one that appears to be extremely generous and then ends up stealing your identity. That’s unfortunately what happened in one neighbourhood when Anthony James David invited some neighbours to hang out for the evening; everything on him.

He took them to a Buccaneer’s football game, covered their restaurant and bar tabs, and was overall the best neighbour ever.

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Then their credit card statements arrived in the mail and they found out he had stolen their identities and been charging everything to their accounts.

Makes you think twice if your neighbour seems a little TOO nice.

Some neighbours are a little more passive aggressive. It keeps things interesting for everyone else in the neighbourhood, like David Muscat. When he got complaints about illegally removing trees from his property, his response was to let his neighbours know what he thought about their complaints by carving a hand out of the removed trees with the middle finger raised.

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This guy went to great lengths to deliver that same message to his ex-wife. They got divorced because she was cheating on him, and he got revenge by moving into the house next to her new boyfriend’s and investing $7000 in a bronze statue of a hand flipping the bird.

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This horrible neighbour slapped his disabled neighbour in the face with a fish. Is there really anything else to be said about the situation? I mean, his neighbour was a quadriplegic, and this dude hit him with a fish. A fish!

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He’s not nicer with any of his other neighbours, either, as he’s been known to curse people out, choke them, and chase them down the street with a chainsaw. Yikes.

You know when you get a song stuck in your head so you play it over 4,000 times in a row? No judgement here, but if you’re going to do that, make sure your neighbours aren’t stuck listening to it, too.

When Alexander Alexandrov’s neighbour listened to Angles by Robbie Williams that many times, he decided enough was enough. So, he went over to his house and stabbed him to death.

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Maybe his neighbours played music from these speakers?

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This next one is both heart-breaking and downright disgusting. The mother of an autistic boy found this note on her door from another mom in the neighbourhood. The note is absolutely horrible as it talks about how her special needs son is a ‘nuisance’, an ‘idiot kid’, and ‘retarded’. It ends by suggesting that she should ‘euthanize him’.

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You couldn’t make a list long enough for all the things this awful woman deserves for writing this note.

When the police and SWAT teams showed up at this man’s house, it ended up setting off a bizarre set of circumstances. He blamed his neighbour’s mother for tipping off police and decided to get revenge.

He threw dead animals on their yard, burned things on his property that sent noxious smoke into their yard and house, and hung a noose in their yard. The frightened woman installed video cameras to protect herself and watched him pace along the property line every night, never crossing into their yard so she doesn’t have a reason to call the police.

This guy may win the award for passive aggressive neighbour of the year. Clearly, Bob wanted his neighbour to paint his fence, and he did. But I have a feeling Bob won’t appreciate this paint job any more than the unfinished fence.


Picking up dog poop is annoying enough when it’s your own dog, but at least then it’s your choice. So, when your neighbours keep letting their dogs poop on your yard, it’s no surprise that it gets real old real fast.

If you find yourself in that situation, just do what this guy did, and put up a sign threatening to slap their dog poop onto their head. Then come back and let me know how that works out for you.

This guy is labelled as the “world’s worst neighbour” and there’s even a YouTube channel dedicated to him called ‘neighbourisajerk’. In this particular clip, you can see him blocking his neighbour’s car with his golf cart and trying to claim that his neighbour’s driveway is his property.

The man filming the clip keeps calm and collected, but his neighbour clearly hates him.

I don’t know what the story behind this picture is, but it’s probably great. Clearly, its another example of a passive aggressive neighbour using natural resources to express themselves.

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This time, it’s in the form of a shrub mooning their neighbour. Oh nature, you’re so versatile.

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If you love to subtly annoy your neighbour, then consider leveraging the power of Google maps. Simply carve aggressive phrases into your field and viola, a nice surprise for your neighbour next time they try to view their property from above.

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You’ll have to comment below to help me decide who’s worse: the couple pictured here throwing bottles at their neighbour’s drone or their neighbour that took the picture by flying his drone over their backyard. Without knowing all of the details, it’s honestly a tough call.

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This guy clearly had NO idea about the repercussions when he decided to steal his neighbour’s reindeer decorations from his front yard. But, after he was caught on their security camera taking their Christmas decorations, his neighbour set up this incredible display to honor him.

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I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted someone to get robbed, but I kind of hope this thief goes after their Easter decorations so they can have him painted in a life-size Last Supper painting.

I don’t know for sure if this was caused by an angry neighbour or if it was an act of God. Either way, a giant cactus falling through your cinderblock wall is a situation I would not want to find myself in.

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It makes me wonder if they have other massively-destructive plants their neighbours should be worried about.

If you’re paying extra for something you don’t need, like a parking spot, and you have an annoying neighbour; you’ll have to try this.

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This is totally acceptable. After all, that Cozy Coupe is worth a lot of money so it definitely needs a safe parking spot.

Most people in apartment buildings have left trash outside their door at some point. It’s a lot easier to do that, then take it downstairs the next time you leave. But, this guy takes a totally different approach.

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He just keeps piling up bags of trash in the hallway until he overhears people complaining about them or the smell. Then and only then he finds motivation to take them outside where they belong.

The beginning of this story is so nice that it’s a tragedy that it has such a bad ending. The person that took this picture helped out his elderly neighbour by mowing his lawn.

Two days later, the neighbour next to him mowed his lawn, exactly up to the property line, leaving this awkward patch of grass in the middle. Apparently his principles are too strong to justify doing the right thing.

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Do you know that kid in your elementary class that always told the teacher EVERYTHING that everyone did wrong? That kid grew up to be Larry. And Larry liked to call the city on his neighbours so often that one of them put up a sign to let him know that he had a building permit for the work he was doing.

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I feel bad for this guy’s neighbours, I truly do. Not much more can be said about this. I hope they all have the same taste in music as he does! Or he’s at least open to requests.

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This guy’s neighbour got a package. A very interestingly-shaped package.

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It’s one of those things that you just really didn’t want to know about your neighbour. But now that you do, you can’t stop thinking about it. And the more you think about it, the more you wish they had been there to claim the package so you didn’t have to see it.

What would you do if your drunk neighbour threw a bar of soap onto your balcony in the middle of the night? Most people would probably either just keep it or throw it back. But then there’s this neighbour who took the time to carve a message into the soap before throwing it back. But I’m not so sure that was a neighbourly gesture.

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Here’s a series of clips filmed from a neighbourhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s so much I could start explaining these neighbours but I just don’t have time to get into all of it. If they’re not selling drugs, they’re definitely doing something shady by constantly hiding and removing a magnetic case from their wheel well.

Here (from 2:56 to 3:30), you can see them sneakily stealing their neighbour’s spare wheel right out from beneath their truck. It doesn’t get much bolder than that, to steal from your neighbour while they’re sleeping in their home, knowing there’s a camera on you.

Now I’ll leave you with this positive image, of two neighbours that clearly have very different views of the world yet live in peace anyway. It’s certainly nice to see after knowing what some of the people on our list were capable of.

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So, which neighbor did you think was the worst? Or have you had any bad neighbors? Let me know in the comments down below! I’d be interested to hear about your stories!

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