The Greatest Toys You Wish You’d Receive For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and you’re probably scampering for ideas on what to gift this season or maybe what you would like to put on your wish list. Let me help you with some ideas for the best Christmas toys, but I must warn you, this is likely to bring you much envy and high expectations on the day.

10 – Air Hogs Drone Racer

Ahh, one of life’s greatest dilemmas, should I get a drone or a remote control racecar? Thankfully, you won’t have to worry your pretty little head about this anymore, with Air Hogs 2-in-1 Drone Power Racers.


Now you can race along the ground or fly the sky at fast speeds! It has a turbo drone power source and two power modes, for rookies and pros, and a self-righting cage to ensure that you land upright and are ready to lift off again. This drone racer has gyro sensors which can sense rotational motion and changes in direction, which helps it to drive or fly in any direction, drift around corners and still maintain stability.


A perfect present for those drone and racecar enthusiasts.

9 – Uo 360 Scooter

Just when you thought the trend of things like Hoverboards were over, enter the Uber-ball or Uo.

©Olaf Winkler

The Uo is a self-balancing scooter that utilises a single spherical wheel for 360-degree movement.  The project was created by electrical engineer Olaf Winkler and was campaigned on the Kickstarter platform. It consists of a passenger platform, balanced on a solid rubber ball with three motors attached.

©Olaf Winkler

It is said that it feels like skating, skiing or floating and detects where your body is leaning to and naturally balances you.

8 – Jabii

When your kids are play fighting, a lot of chaos can ensue. A punch lands a bit too hard and then it’s an all-out brawl and you have to be a referee. Instead, get your kids the Jabii, and they can fight *ahem* I mean ‘play’ more safely.


The Jabii pairs a telescoping arm and rubber dome with a handle for your grip and an elastane strap for your wrist. It uses a spring-based telescoping mechanism to dampen the force of the actual hit.


It can connect to your smart device, allows you to track your punches in real time and gives you live feedback. When connected, all fight statistics are uploaded and you can customise and even level up your character.

7 – SuperSuit

Are you tired of your videogame or virtual reality avatars having all the fun? The answer is here with SuperSuit, which is marketed as the world’s first wearable gaming platform.


It has three components – the SuperVest, which can be adjusted to fit any child or adult player, has both light and sound, and users can feel instantly zapped due to its embedded haptic feedback technology. The SuperGlove uses traditional triggers to zap opponents and has gesture controls to activate special super powers; and the SuperBot, which is a removable unit in the SuperVest which can act as an ally to zap opponents or as the object of the game.

©Super Suit

It is one of the best Christmas toys you can receive. So get yourself a SuperSuit and turn your backyard into a battleground!

6 – Force Band for BB8 Droid


These actually ARE the droids you’re looking for! Or actually the Force Band for droids you’re looking for, specifically for Sphero’s BB8 Robot. The Force Band is a wrist-worn remote control for the BB8 robot that makes you feel like you’re using the Force to control your cute robot companion. It can be purchased separately if you already own a BB8 or you can get it with the new more realistic looking, battle-weathered version of the robot.


The band itself looks aged too to look like it came from a junk heap on Jakku. It glows, talks and makes Star Wars sounds. It has other features too, you can play a game where you collect holocrons from around you using the Force gestures and this helps you unlock weapons and sounds that can turn your waving hand into a lightsabre. The Force Training module also lets you complete other mini-games to improve your skills using the Force Band. It is one heck of a Christmas toy.

5 – Magnetic levitation gadgets

Move over Aladdin, your magic carpet isn’t the only cool levitating device around these days.

First let’s look at the magnetic levitating DeLorean time machine.


This is the best Christmas toy for die-hard fans of the Back to the Future series. It features a levitating time machine with magnetic floating bases. The time machine has doors that can be opened, movable wheels and more than 10 LED light-up features while the base also comes with a light up function.

Then we have creations by the company Crealev, who create eye-catching products utilizing their patented magnetic levitation technology.  They provide floating products and services to ad-agencies, businesses and end-users. You want a to add a special touch to your wedding or maybe a “no-touch”? How about a floating cake?

©Michael Hemsworth

Or maybe you want to make typing your office memos a little more exciting with these floating keyboards?


Crealev offers a CLM 1+ Levitation module which is a kit that consists of a base (a non-floating part) and a carrier (a floating magnet ring).


It’s the go-to module for all projects needing a floating element so basically for whatever floats your boat. Though, we recommend that you don’t actually try to use this to float your boat.

And of course, who wouldn’t want a levitating wireless charger for their smartphone? The OvRcharge consists of a sleek wooden base that uses a combo of induction charging and magnetic levitation to make your phone float and rotate as it charges.

©AR Designs

And really, should phones be charged any other way?

4 – Crazy Cart


Crazy Carts are electric go-karts that have a unique feature – a side-mounted lever that allows the rear wheels to drift out in a fun but controllable manner. When Crazy Carts came out for kids, adults decided they wanted in on the craziness too and the Crazy Cart XL was born!


In the adult-size version, the motor increases in power from 300 to 500 Watts, powered with a 36-volt quick change battery to deal with heavier humans, as well as a larger chain for added strength and reliability. The cart has a length of just under 44 inches, maximizing the leg room for the driver while keeping their weight close enough to the front drive wheel to maintain traction. The width is just under 30 inches so that it can still fit through most doorways but can still hold an average-sized adult. The drift lever is also more ergonomic and uses mechanical leverage to reduce the amount of effort needed to lift your weight.

Some other noteworthy features include the variable speed foot pedal accelerator and new 10-inch steering wheel designed to turn more than 180 degrees in any direction, providing much more control when driving in reverse.

3 – Moonshot

The Moonshot is an amazing ring launcher that makes the simple game of toss a thousand times more fun! The kit comes with a launcher and two rings.


It’s available in three sizes and easily shoots these lightweight rings up to 100 yards and more. The secret to the ring’s ability to defy gravity lies in its incredible aerodynamic properties. Launching the ring is not rocket science even though it was invented by a rocket scientist. You simply place the ring around the end of the launcher, with the soft rubber edge facing the target.  Then place one hand on the lower foam handle and rest the chest pad against your midsection.

©Charlie Neuman

Grab the launcher gip, pull back like a slingshot and let the ring fly. You will see it can go far, really far. Hopefully the other person will be where it finally lands.

2 – Ziesel

©Ziesel Adventures

Looking like a cross between an armchair and a tank, the Ziesel, which is German for ground squirrel, is a 460-pound, two-track electric vehicle created by Mattro, that is built to handle any terrain yet still make you feel like you’re in your comfy chair at home. A high-capacity lithium ion battery supplies powerful electric motors, which move the vehicle in a safe and agile way.

Everything is controlled through the intuitive joystick, so acceleration, braking, reversing and steering is easy and comfortable. It even conducts safety checks for the entire system, self-diagnostics and error-handling, with multiple driver profiles being available. The chair even has its own automated heating system to keep you snug in the adverse weather.

©Ben Coxworth

So if you want to enjoy the outdoors while being a couch potato, then this is the choice for you!

But before I reveal the best Christmas toy, here are some honourable mentions. These gadgets are technically not toys but are just too awesome not to be highlighted.

The first three honourable mentions are beyond their times, literally! Story by Flyte is the world’s first levitating timepiece that allows you to personalize your life events. It’s composed simply of a wooden base and an orbiting, magnetic sphere.


It can be customized to count minutes, hours, days or even years. It has different modes like the “journey” which can count down to milestones like a new baby or a vacation. And there is the “timer mode” which you can use to manage your time daily. It has an LED display, backlighting and it can illustrate meteorological data. I feel like Shakespeare would own a timepiece like this. “To tell or not to tell time, that is the question”

And then there’s the Dot Watch.

©Dot Inc.

It is the first braille and tactile watch that is free of sound and boasts of comfort, fashion and long battery life. It has all the practical features like Time and Date, Alarm Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. When you receive a call on your smartphone, the Dot Watch vibrates and displays the name of the caller and every text message you receive is instantly translated to braille and forwarded to your Dot Watch.

And who doesn’t need a little help waking up on mornings? The Barisieur is a coffee-brewing-alarm-clock that eases you into the morning by stimulating your five senses – hearing the sound of the coffee bubbling, seeing the water go into the filter, smell the coffee brewing, tasting the coffee and touching the buttons and form of the product.


Another thing I just have to mention is the Rohloff Speedhub.


The Rohloff Speedhub makes cycling simple. It is no longer necessary to constantly calculate which gear is required next or if the gear has correctly engaged yet. Simply rotate the Rohloff twist-shifter – regardless of whether you are stationary or pedaling. No bicycle transmission has the ability to deal with large forces and shift faster as well as the Rohloff Speedhub because of its clever array of gears.

1 – MTT-136 Snowmobile

“Winter is coming” …and who would mind that if they had an MTT-136 Snowmobile?


The MTT-136 is a rugged electric-tracked locomotive machine which can conquer almost any treacherous terrain. It has a variety of functions that are only limited by your imagination. The MTT-136 will go almost anywhere from 28 to 130 miles on a charge time ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours. It weighs in at around 280 lbs and can reach up to a speed of 40km/h in open ground. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of snowmobiles; it has the ability to pull a number of passengers, materials and other small loads through snow, mud and grass with ease.


The MTT-136’s handlebar system manages the machine’s power and steering, and it has been used to push vehicles, fallen logs, clear snow and go where no other snowmobiles and ATVs have gone before. A hidden plug-in port on the side of the MTT-136 allows users to access an 110V system that can be used to power electric tools, lighting and recharge other devices.

©Angus MacKenzie

This machine is quite impressive and let’s be honest, it looks pretty cool to drive and so it makes the top spot on our list.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the list? Are any of these toys and gadgets going to be on your Christmas wish list this year? Let me know in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading.

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