Amazing Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level

amazing design ideas

Being at home is the best thing ever. You don’t have to deal with people, you can hang out in your underwear, and you can secretly eat cake for breakfast? Oh, just me? But, no matter how nice your home is, there’s probably room for improvement. I’m not talking about giving the walls a lick of paint, I’m talking about taking your pad to the next level of coolness. Here are some amazing design ideas that will make your house awesome.

Wine cellars are awesome in all forms, but these spiral cellars are too cool. Just imagine opening a hatch in your kitchen, disappearing underground and reappearing with a bottle of vintage Chateauneuf du Pap like James Bond or something.

© Home Designing

Are you more of a fan of looking at mountains than climbing them? If so, I can relate, and this mountain-themed couch is the perfect solution for lazy mountain lovers like us.

© Shelterness

It’s designed to create an outdoorsy theme in the comfort of your own lounge and can be separated into two comfy armchairs if you prefer to enjoy your mountains alone.

These cool Hobbit socket covers aren’t only nice safety features for homes with children, they’ll make your home feel like you’re in Hobbiton. Well, sort of.

© Pinterest/Kerry Roberts

If you’re not a Tolkien fan, maybe one of these accessories will better suit your tastes. Personally, I want the British one. You know, just in case the queen comes to visit for a cup of tea.

© Randommization

If you’ve ever seen The Godfather, you probably don’t want to sleep with the fishes. But, now you’ve seen this bed, you’ve probably changed your mind. Falling asleep under an arc of water is as peaceful as it gets, and check out the lamps inside!

© Bored Panda

And if you’re really committed, also get this aquarium fish tank so you can watch the fish swim around as you wash your hands!

© This Is Why I’m Broke

Ok, this might not be practical, but how awesome does it look? Literally, it’s super cool. Imagine having your own ice cave like this.

© Bored Panda

These beautiful icicles formed inside a building in Chicago because of some bad cold storage maintenance, and although it would suck to live there, at least you’d always have ice for your drinks.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “you know what, my lounge just isn’t creepy enough”, then this chandelier is for you. The light casts shadows on the wall reminiscent of every haunted forest you’ve ever seen in a film. Scary, but spectacular.

© Forms in Nature

Beds are so last year, darling, and all the cool kids are building nets in their bedrooms now. Imagine hanging out on this thing watching a movie or having a nap. I feel relaxed just thinking about lounging on this thing.

© Instructables

Let’s face it, work can be boring. But not if you have a cool desk to work at. This Vespa workstation has a seat and a laptop stand for when you’re feeling productive and a comfy chair for your coffee breaks.

© Gizmodo

Or, if you’re more into cars than bikes, this Land Rover desk will tick all your boxes.

© The Kevin Chen

And, if your dream is to work at the beach, bring the beach to you by putting your desk in a sandbox. Be careful if you have cats though, you don’t want them confusing it for a giant kitty litter.

© Bored Panda

Maybe you’d prefer to take your office out of your home, and if so this pod is a dream come true. It’s small enough that it doesn’t need planning permission but big enough for you to comfortably work in.

© Demilked

It’s also an awesome hiding place when your family or roommates are driving you crazy.

From the outside, this pool looks amazing. But that’s nothing.

© Caan Design

Check this out! The basement’s glass wall gives swimmers a sneak peek into the basement and vice versa.

© Caan Design

Although there’s something kind of creepy about sitting in a basement watching swimmers without their knowledge, it would be even creepier to swim in this pool, with its very own intimidating shark mosaic.

© Unique Tiles

Name something more fun that slides. I’ll wait. Nothing? I thought not. So, why not build a slide in your home?

© Homed It

There’ll be no more trudging down the stairs every morning, you can just zip down on your slide and save valuable seconds in your quest for coffee.

This pro-Poker player installed a slide to move between the two floors of his penthouse.

© Business Insider

And this pirate ship with a hidden slide will certainly shiver your timbers.

© My Modern Met

If you’re more into swings than slides, this dining room set is for you. Maybe just don’t serve soup, rocking back and forth with a spoon of hot liquid can only end in disaster!

© Duffy London

Love books? Love stairs? Then you need this incredible staircase in your life. It’s the perfect entryway to a reading nook or a study, or anywhere else in a book lover’s home actually.

© Levitate

Sticking with the bookcase theme, this library is undoubtedly cool. But look closer and the bookcase hides a doorway to a secret room.

© Robin M Anderson

Or, if you don’t have space for a secret room, how about a secret stash instead? These fake folders provide enough room for you to be able to hide your good liquor from your friends.

© Pinterest/Charlotte Lockhart

It’s not just bookcases that hide secret passage, this poster is actually a door to a secret room. What would you hide in there?

© Desire to Inspire

Then there’s this hidden room in a basement which is super creepy – I don’t want to know what you’d hide in there.

© Decor Vills

Coffee tables aren’t exciting, so how are they supposed to make your house awesome? By adding a foosball table to them, obviously.

© Amazon

But if you want something more modern, how about a table made out of a McLaren P1 V8 Engine!? It even has the added utility of being able to store 8 bottles of your favorite wine, which is fitting for something worth the same as most people’s yearly salary.

© The GP Box

If you take security super-seriously, or just want to annoy yourself before opening the door, you need to invest in this Defendius Labyrinth lock.

© Home Crux

To gain access you have to solve the labyrinth by navigating through the metal maze. It’s cool but it’s not the most practical thing – I mean, how many pizza deliveries are you going to miss while you’re trying to solve the puzzle?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, this backyard cinema is the coolest use of your space. Put up the projector, throw down some cushions, and grab the popcorn, I’ll be there in ten minutes.

© Bored Panda

If outdoor movie theatres aren’t your thing, this beach-themed fire pit might be. Anybody else suddenly in the mood for smores? You’ll feel like you’re chilling by the sea, wherever your home is.

© Bored Panda

If you’re one of those nice people that value their pet’s happiness over their own, you’re going to love this cat playground. It’s purrfect for keeping pets entertained.

© Neko Memo

The endless stairs, pathways and scratch posts will keep your kitties happy for hours, and there are plenty of places for them to hide away when they don’t fancy being sociable – we all know cats can be jerks, right?

© Because We Can

Washing your hands is a boring but necessary task, but there’s one sure-fire way to make everyone clean up and that’s by installing a giant runny nose in your bathroom. Give it a squeeze and soap will be dispensed through the nostrils directly into your hands. So fun and SO disgusting!

© Amazon

If you’re looking to create a classy bathroom, maybe skip the giant nose and invest in a clear-paneled bath instead.

© Bored Panda

If I had one of those in my bathroom I’d be in it all day, every day. It’s probably a good job that I don’t otherwise I’d never get these videos made!

There’s no better feeling than being in bed. Sleeping late and having breakfast in bed is my favorite pastime, and this, the world’s most advanced bed, is the perfect place to do it.

Firstly, it has retractable privacy blinds which will block any light and make it easier to spend the entire day snoozing without pesky light getting on your nerves. Want to watch a movie in bed? Regular TV’s just won’t cut it when there’s the option to use the inbuilt projector. There’s an inbuilt sound system too for your bedroom music, and retractable tables and hidden cup holders keep your snack game on point.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, the LED lighting and aroma dispenser makes this the greatest bed ever.

You can even get incredibly creative with wallpaper. Checkout this glow-in-the-dark wallpaper which allows you to observe the starry night sky before you fall asleep.

© Decor Zee

It’s cool, but not as amazing as the ceiling of this games room. Created by Starscape Fibre Optics, the star-like lights are simply wires lit at their ends.

© Facebook/Starscape Fibre Optics

Imagine going to the bathroom and standing on an open shaft covered by nothing but a sheet of glass. At least it’s the right room, you’re probably going to need that toilet with the fright it’ll give you.

© Bored Panda

This may seem like a normal shed, but it’s not at all! It actually hides a secret passageway to a huge underground bunker. It’s the ultimate survival bunker and is where I want to be when the world comes to an end. The cave has access to electricity and a full kitchen for cooking up end-of-the-world treats. There’s access to mains water and a working toilet, although the bathroom isn’t exactly private so you might want to only invite people down there that you’re extremely close to.

If you’re not too concerned about survival and just want a place to hang out, the following man caves are what dreams are made of. Prepare to be sick with jealousy! Check out this actual bat cave. This $2 million Dark Knight themed home theater has space for 15 friends and contains replica models of the Batmobile and the superhero suit.

© ComicBook

I’m not sure whether it comes with your very own Albert Pennyworth, but for such a huge price tag I would hope so!
Then there’s this one that has an actual bowling alley in it! Imagine.. a bowling alley in your own home! So cool.

© Pinterest/Propertini

If you have a lower budget but still want to get a slice of that man cave action, invest in this awesome coffee table. Sure, it might look normal at first, but once it’s switched on it’s lit. Like, literally lit. Prepare to lose hours of your lives staring into the neon abyss.

© Morning Chores

That’s the end of the most amazing design ideas that will make your house awesome. Which item in the list would you most love to add to your home? Let me know in the comments.

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