30 GENIUS Ideas For Everyday Problems

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There are loads of everyday problems that need solving. What’s surprising is there’s a very high probability that the solution already exists, but you might not know about it. You’ll probably say to yourself, “Wow, that’s a thing!?” Without further ado, let’s dig into these 30 genius ideas.

#30 – Flip Belt

How many times have you been out for a run, but you just didn’t have enough pockets for your stuff? Or, you have pockets, but putting stuff in them is annoying because it jiggles uncomfortably. That’s why you need this belt, which gives you all the storage you need; no more running with your phone in your hand!

#29 – Smart Carts

These smart carts allow you to search for items and find exactly where the item is in the store.

© rocker248

A decade ago, you may have wished for flying cars in the future, but I’d happily settle for this instead. Just don’t install these in rough neighborhoods, otherwise the pawn shops would get inundated with these tablets.

#28 – Self Closing Toilet Seat

Putting the toilet seat back down after taking a whizz is one of those annoying tasks we’d rather not do, which is why this gadget comes in handy. All you have to do is flush your toilet and the seat will close itself without slamming down. If you’re a person who doesn’t flush the toilet after you’re done using it, then the only solution for you is the lunatic asylum.

© Amazon – Flush Down LLC

#27 – Parking Space Lines

It doesn’t seem to matter how experienced you are at parking, it just seems you can never be too sure if you’re in the space properly or not. This is definitely a huge help and more places should paint lines like this. Whoever thought of this is a brainiac. It’s one of the most genius ideas for trouble-free parking.

© Reddit – Cindypi13

#26 – Foot Operated Door Opener

Most of us go to extremes to avoid touching door handles. We use paper towels, our elbows, someone else, and other methods to avoid the germ-ridden disease magnets.

© StepNPull

This neat gadget puts an end to all the madness; we can be germ free, carry groceries while we open the door, and look exceptionally cool doing it.

#25 – The Squatty Potty

I know, it’s a revelation, but sitting on the toilet isn’t the best way to poop. Humans are anatomically designed to squat during the pooping adventures. A few small studies suggest squatting helps align your rectum and anal canal better than sitting does.

© SquattyPotty LLC

So… I guess that’s why you need the squatty potty. The modern toilet is advertised as following a number of ailments like colitis. Though I doubt it’s the primary reason… surely, there’s no harm in giving the ancient version of pooping a try?

#24 – Keep Your Computer Woke

This is one of those problems we all deal with, preventing the computer from sleeping without having to go to the settings and adjust the amount of time that has to pass before the computer goes to sleep.

For a quick shortcut, do this. Place your mouse over an object like a wrist-watch, and the elevation will keep the mouse sensor on so that you can prevent your computer from sleeping. Cool, right? Who won’t love such cost-free genius ideas?

© Imgur

#23 – See-through Highlighters

Highlighters are great for making important information stand out, but not so great if you don’t have a steady hand, as you can’t see through the tip at what you’re highlighting.

© One Class

That’s why these highlighters with clear tips are perfect so you can keep up with where you are. Its so simple and effective… I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!

© Amazon – Sanford

#22 – Coffee Ice Cubes

Hot drinks always seem to be… well… too hot. You could put ice in them, but they’ll change the flavor. So, instead of putting regular ice cubes in your coffee, freeze some coffee into cubes and use those instead. You can do this with many other drinks and get creative with the idea.

© Cost Zero

#21 – Avocado Ripening

The Millennial’s holy grail – the avocado. Its great, except for one thing… it’s a little difficult to notice when its perfectly ripe, which is why this sticker should be placed on all avocados henceforth.

© q0__0p

These stickers are produced by the Freshmax Group in New Zealand. It’s one of the simplest and most helpful solutions on this list of genius ideas.

#20 – Wash Your Hands With The Toilet

Yep, you read that right. There are toilets with sinks built on the top of them so that you can use the water twice – once to wash your hands, and then a second time to flush the next time round.

This saves water and space in your bathroom. It’s been a thing in Japan for decades and definitely worth your research.

#19 – Deskparts Separated By Steps

Yes, yes, and yes. Sometimes, there’s nothing more confusing than putting a desk together. It’s like the maker of the desk doesn’t want us to succeed. Deskparts separated by steps is probably the best solution to make it easier to assemble furniture.

© Pexels

#18 – Beach Accessibility Mat

Before this was a thing, it was probably one of the most needed, but not thought about things… ever.

© Access REC

This makes the beach accessible to strollers, people in wheelchairs, and it’s also there for people who just don’t want to walk on the sand. It’s one of those things that makes us say, “it’s great that this is a thing.”

#17 – Pill Bottle Lid Tracker

Do you ever take a pill, then forget when you took it? Then you’ll need this lid, which tells you when you last opened the bottle, has daily alarms you can set up, and comes with a bottle that it fits on.

Not remembering if you took a pill you already took can be pretty serious, so it’s probably worth adding a memory pill in there as well.

#16 – Laundromat With A Twist

It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to the laundromat temporarily or if you go all the time; the boredom and waiting gets to us all. This laundromat with a gym changes that narrative.

© Reddit – IgiveSmallTips

It is one of the genius ideas that is directed toward a healthy lifestyle. You can do something very productive without having to leave the laundromat. But hey, if the old arcade game in the corner floats your boat, keep doing you.

#15 – Webcam Covers

© iRush

Let’s just peacefully come to the conclusion that nothing is happening on the other side of our webcams and we’re just paranoid. Now that the unrealistic talk is out of the way, get back to covering your webcam. You can do it like Zuckerberg with some tape, but there are webcam covers you can get for a very low cost.

Though tape is free, at least with the covers it won’t leave adhesive residue, and you can move it out of the way if you want to use the webcam.

#14 – Inflatable Mattress For Cars

Camping is fun, except for the sleeping part. It can be very uncomfortable. So why don’t you just sleep in the car? With this inflatable mattress, you can.

© Amazon – Lababe

With an inflatable part that is inserted into the leg space in front of the seat, the mattress lies flat, fully supported over the seats. It also doubles up as a chair with back support if you want to use it to take in the sunset. Quite ingenious really.

© Amazon

#13 – Help Me Baskets

Most people just want to keep to themselves when shopping, but sometimes it’s difficult to communicate that message, which is why these baskets are perfect.

© Imgur

They allow customers to decide if they want to be helped by associates or not. One of the most genius ideas for introvert shoppers!

#12 – Pull Chain Ornaments

We’ve all had trouble trying to figure out which chain on the ceiling fan is for the fan and which one is for the light. If you keep making that mistake, get these ornaments… they’re cheap and also add to your décor.

© Amazon – Light Part Factory

#11 – No More Waiting

This device should be a thing everywhere. It has 3 buttons that eliminate just about any waiting you usually do at restaurants. It allows you to call the server, ask for the bill, and let them know when you’re done with the table.

#10 – Tags For Broken Carts

This one is for all the good Samaritans out there. This supermarket has tags that customers can put on broken carts. Its a very simple and great idea that should be in every store with carts.We all just want to push a smooth cart. That’s not too much to ask, right?

© Wikimedia Commons – MichalPL

#9 – Spatula With A Stand

So, you’ve used your spatula, but now you’re faced with a predicament… where do you put it without getting germs all over it? How about… anywhere. This spatula has a stand on it that prevents the part of the spatula that touches the food from touching the counter. There are also other kitchen instruments with stands. No more putting your spatula on a paper towel or leaning it on a pot.

© Amazon

#8 – Hat In A Bag Of Air

Hats can be delicate. There’s nothing worse than receiving a crumpled one you just paid a lot of money for. All that leads to is a hassle and a refund. How hats should be packed then? In a bag of air! This isn’t the only safe way to prevent a hat from being crushed, but it’s a pretty good option. Take notes, sellers.

© Reddit – acosmisty

#7 – Gapless Bathroom Stalls

The famous gap in the bathroom stall is a thing of the past in some places. That gap is one of the most awkward things in the whole world and it needs to be thrown away.

With this overlapping door feature, which closes it as securely as possible… we’re one step closer to a more private poop.

© Reddit – Won_and_dun

#6 – Door Handle Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This is one of those things you suddenly notice and then freak out about because of how cool it is. A door handle that gives out sanitizer is one of the top-rated genius ideas and is definitely a step in the right direction towards cleanliness.

© Reddit – Whippity

#5 – Brownie labeling perfection

A restaurant in Virginia that goes by the name of “Philly Style Steaks & Subs”, labels their brownies 1 of 3 ways. There’s the purple tag for the edge piece , green tag for the corner piece, and orange tag for the center piece. Everyone can easily get what they like. Good one.

© Reddit – longboarder116

#4 – Genius Ideas: Cocktails-to-go

So you walk into the store to find alcohol… it’s a slight dilemma usually because spirits come in large bottles and so do soft drinks.

© Shutterstock & Shutterstock

For this reason, this cocktail-to-go is just ingenious. Your spirit and soft drink are linked, ready to be mixed just how you like. College students everywhere must be drooling at the thought.

© Imgur

#3 – Traffic Lights Of The Future

Have you ever been stuck at lights, behind a huge truck, unable to see the lights? Not in the Ukraine, as there are traffic lights that show the color of the light on the pole as well.

© Reddit – KevlarYarmulke

#2 – Easily Serve Pringles

Grabbing Pringles from their tube can be tricky, especially if they’re right at the bottom, which is why this piece of paper used as a serving tray is so great. No more awkwardly reaching into your can of pringles and coming up with nothing because you didn’t reach in enough.

© Imgur – Torano Radulf

#1 – Toilet Paper Testing

How do you know which toilet paper is the right one for your behind? You could buy them all, but that would take lots of time, money and effort, which is why this Dutch supermarket has come up with an ingenious solution… just offer samples at the toilet so people can test them for real.

© Reddit – shishdem

Not sure if this would work everywhere though… in lots of countries public toilets have complicated theft-resistant paper dispensers to prevent the rolls from being stolen, so maybe the Netherlands is a type of utopia?

So, which of the genius ideas was your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.

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