Weirdest Things Ever Found Inside Animals!

things found inside animals

If you’ve spent time around animals, you’ll know that they’ll eat anything they can get their mouths around. Here’s are the weirdest things found inside animals.

20 – A squid bomb

When a fishmonger in southern China was gutting a squid for a customer, he got the shock of his life when his knife hit a live eight-inch bomb.

The type of squid he was gutting usually eats small fish and prawns, but this little guy clearly fancied a change and instead gulped down the three pound explosive.

Local police think the bomb, which looks just like an aubergine, could have been dropped by a fighter jet. But nobody was sure exactly how long the live bomb had been floating around off the Chinese coast.

© Gizmodo

Make sure you check your calamari carefully next time you’re chowing down.

19 – The shark arm case

Back in 1935, a 14-foot tiger shark sparked a murder mystery when it coughed up a human arm. The only clue into the owner of the arm was a tattoo of a boxer. Police quickly discovered that Jimmy Smith, a former boxer, had the exact same tattoo. Smith had been missing for a couple of weeks.

© Boxing Archive

There were a number of suspects in what became known as ‘the shark arm case’ – original name, right? Eventually, police charged an equally shady man Patrick Brady with murdering and dismembering his business associate.

18 – Dog eats a steak knife

The owner of a six-month-old staffie took her to the vet after she spent the night sick. But the last thing she expected to see in the x-rays was this – an eight-inch steak knife. How she swallowed it whole without any internal injuries I’ll never know.

This pup isn’t the only one to survive a close call with sharp objects, though. This crazy doggo Roxy swallowed more than 100 nails.

This tiny Chihuahua chowed down on nine sewing needles.

© NY Daily News

This Labrador pup wins the crown for most ridiculous taste in snacks, though. He swallowed an entire fishing pole.

© Veterinary Practice News

17 – 1,000 coins in a turtle

This story is a little sad – a Thai sea turtle needed hours of surgery after she swallowed almost 1,000 coins. Tourists had been throwing them into her pool for good luck and this beautiful creature had swallowed them down, probably mistaking them for food.

Thankfully, she made a full recovery.

16 – Ostrich swallows junk

In another example of human stupidity endangering the lives of animals, a poor ostrich was found to have swallowed a whole host of trash left behind by zoo-goers.

Ostriches usually stick to a diet of leaves and seeds, but when this London zoo resident died in the 1930s, it was found to have consumed a rope, two handkerchiefs, a glove, coins, and a four-inch nail.

© Public Domain Review

15 – Battle of the predators

This battle of two of the planets most powerful predators ended badly for the alligator when it was swallowed whole by a python. These x-ray images of a Burmese python show it metabolizing its prey, and it took a whole week for the alligator to be fully digested and for the snake’s gut to return back to normal.

© Daily Mail

This is exactly how I feel after a big meal!

That poor alligator isn’t the only victim of massive Burmese pythons with equally massive appetites: this footage shows the moment an Indonesian man was found inside a 23-foot python.

14 – Shark vs sea lion

More animal-on-animal crime now, with this giant Mako shark that was found to have a 200-pound sea lion in its stomach.

The 12-foot-long shark was caught off the coast of California to research aquatic food chains, but nobody expected to find an entire sea lion inside its stomach.

This terrifying predator also had several other bones in its stomach. I’m never going in the ocean again for fear of being mistaken for a tasty sea lion.

13 – Chickens and their coop inside a shark

One thing you wouldn’t expect to find in the aquatic food chain are chickens, and especially not chickens that were still inside their coop.

But, one tiger shark off the coast of Florida clearly fancied a change when it feasted on several chickens. What makes this story extra-weird, though, is that the chickens were still inside their coop when they were consumed. How a coop-full of live chickens made it into the ocean is anyone’s guess.

12 – Kermit dines on ornamental rocks

Kermit the pet frog found out the hard way that it’s not easy being green when his weird appetite landed him in an animal hospital. Kermit swallowed 30 small rocks from his tank and he had to have surgery to remove them all.

© Veterinary Practice News

And, Kermit’s not the only pet with an odd obsession of rock-eating: a 20-week-old Labrador puppy also ended up in surgery after eating 85 limestone rocks from its owner’s driveway.

© Vetmedaz

11 – Crocodiles inside crocodiles

No, this isn’t an example of animal cannibalism, but rather an ancient Egyptian ritual dating back 2,500 years. Egyptians are known to have mummified different species to honor various deities, and crocodiles represented Sobek who protected communities against the dangers of the River Nile.

This mummified crocodile was on display in the Netherlands for decades before scans revealed 47 additional crocodiles that had also been individually mummified before being stuffed inside the main mummy.

© Wikipedia/JMCC1 & Science Alert

10 – Thumbs up for the trout

When an American man lost two fingers and a thumb in a boating accident he was lucky enough to find the fingers so they could be reattached. But, the thumb was lost forever, or so he thought until it showed up more than six months later inside the belly of a trout.

The gruesome discovery happened when a fisherman caught the trout that had feasted on Robert Lindsey’s thumb. Robert says he knew it was his thumb as soon as he saw it, and that he plans to keep it in a jar so he can show it to people. Gross, Robert. Just gross.

9 – Bull’s stomach is a plastic junkyard

This next entry takes us to India and to this poor bull. It had spent his entire life living off street garbage. An animal charity found him and they knew that he needed to have surgery to remove the junk. However, they were shocked to find more than 40 pounds of trash.

The bull recovered after its surgery and now lives on a much more appropriate diet of hay and water.

8 – Dog pranks owner

I have another greedy dog for you now, and this one’s a real prankster. Regally named Prince Edward, a 9-year-old bulldog ate his owner’s false teeth after he found them in a bowl that had ice cream in it. Unable to resist the temptation of a sweet treat, Prince Edward gobbled the teeth down while his owner wasn’t looking.

© Vetmedaz

It’s unclear whether the owner continued using the false teeth once they were no longer inside her dog. But I think I’d be investing in a new pair for myself.

7 – Python vs deer

Back to monstrous snakes now – this greedy guy actually ate an entire adult deer. Whole! The 16-foot python was found in South Florida and is one of the biggest to have been found in the US. When it was captured and killed it was discovered that it had recently dined on a doe the size of a small child.

© Daily Mail

The ginormous snake would have crushed the dear before swallowing its corpse alive. Bear that in mind the next time you’re taking a sunny stroll anywhere near the Everglades!

6 – Shark eats suit of armour

Sharks have been up to no good for hundreds of years, as documented by a French physician back in 1554. In his guide to aquatic animals, Guillaume Rondelet included an illustration of a great white shark that was reported to have been captured with an entire suit of armour in its belly.

The head was missing though, and nobody knows what happened to the owner of the suit!

5 – Tiger shark eats loot

Sticking with sharks for a minute, here’s another example of the ocean’s greatest predator trying to help to solve crimes – a tiger shark was found with a bag of money in its belly.

The discovery happened off the coast of Florida but because the money was partially digested it is unknown how much cash was in the bag or who lost it in the first place.

As you might have figured out from my list, sharks are perhaps the weirdest eaters of the animal kingdom. Still not convinced? They’ve also been found guilty of devouring a full bottle of wine, a fur coat, and a cannonball.

4 – Jumbo the hungry elephant

Jumbo is undoubtedly the most famous elephant of all time. He was a central attraction at P.T Barnum’s circus and was ridden by the likes of Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt. He’s also thought to be the origin of the word ‘jumbo’, so his legacy lives on even today.

But, he wasn’t treated like the star that he was, and after his death, his stomach was found full of junk including coins, keys, screws, and even a police whistle.

© Wikipedia

3 – Great Dane loves socks

Great Danes are massive, so they take a fair bit of filling. But, this huge hound took greediness to a whole new level when he devoured 43 and a half socks. The three-year-old puppy was x-rayed at an animal hospital after becoming sick and staff couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The pup needed surgery to have the socks removed, and the vet’s practice actually won third place in a “they ate what?” contest. Perhaps they should donate their $500 prize to the pup’s owners to replace all those missing socks.

2 – Puppy’s lightbulb moment

This one actually won the award for best x-ray, after this puppy swallowed a whole lightbulb. Cody, a ten-month-old golden retriever somehow managed to swallow the lightbulb without breaking it, and as it made its way through doggo’s digestive system it remained in one piece.

© Daily Mail

Vets monitored the naughty pup until a day later when the bulb passed naturally, again without any breakages. How did you do it, Cody??

1 – Livestock in python?

When villagers in Nigeria found a giant snake with a swollen belly, they assumed that it had been eating their livestock. But, when they killed it and cut into it, they found something that looked much more sci-fi: dozens of snake eggs.

The serpent is thought to have been an African rock python. These monsters can grow up to 24 feet and feed on goats, antelopes, and even crocodiles. One African rock python was even responsible for killing two young boys as they slept in their beds in Canada after it escaped from the pet shop below their flat.

Python eggs are a rare delicacy. So, once the villagers discovered their livestock was safe they harvested their slimy find in celebration.

So, which things found inside animals grossed you out the most? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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