The Real Human Pup + 10 More People Living Strange Lives

The majority of people in the world abide by a fairly conventional approach to living which includes getting a house, a job, a car, and maybe even a cat. But for a minority of people out there, ordinary life is too boring. They instead opt to live in some truly strange and unorthodox ways. From a human-dog to a real-life superhero, here are 10 people who choose to live strange lives.

10. Man Lives in a Sandcastle

Whenever you take a stroll on the beach, it’s hard not to notice enthusiastic kids building sandcastles who usually joke about one day living in one. For one man, this turned out to be real.


Marcio Matolias has lived in his massive sandcastle on one of Rio de Janerio’s pristine beaches for a staggering 22 years. Although it doesn’t sound particularly luxurious, the sandcastle is surprisingly safe to live in; it is securely held up with a driftwood frame. Inside lies a cozy 3ft by 3ft space full of second-hand books and other items.


You can probably guess where the toilet is.

After receiving a book on Spanish architect “Antoni Gaudi”, Marcio was inspired to learn how to build sandcastles and he clearly became an expert at it.

Marcio doesn’t pay a penny for rent. He makes money for food by running a second-hand bookshop from his sandy home. So many books get left on the beach so it makes perfect sense that Marcio would capitalize on it.


Life can be a beach for Marcio, though, as the elements can easily destroy his creation. He must maintain his castle’s impressive integrity by keeping it watered daily to prevent it from caving in.

9. Furries

The term “furries” is often associated with animal enthusiasts dressing up as overly-exaggerated animal mascots who should really belong at a sports event – however, there’s much more to the bizarre subculture.

©Matt Dolge

Furries tend to spend days making their own costumes or even spend a fortune buying a specifically tailored costume… but why is looking like a furry so important to these individuals?

For some furries, it’s an easier way to make friends, in particular at ‘furry conventions’ which is where most furries get the opportunity to congregate.


Dressed as giant cats, dogs, parrots… and basically anything else they can think of… their new persona actually encourages communication as well as heaps of compliments from other like-minded furries who appreciate the hard work taken towards the costume. For other furries living these strange lives, it’s a creative outlet and a way to express yourself that you wouldn’t be able to in your normal, everyday life.

8. Real-life Leopard in Scotland

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city-life, one Scottish man decided to live in complete isolation which is understandable if you also happen to look like a leopard.


Mr. Leppard, or also known as Tom, was at one point the most tattooed man in the world with 99.2% of his body covered in ink. He opted to have the mad make-over not because he’s a big cat fan but because they were easy for a tattoo artist to do.


After making money from appearing on TV and attending events, fame and fortune took its toll on Tom. He disappeared to live in a remote stone cottage for 20 years. Tom had previously spent a considerable amount of time in the army so he was conditioned to spending a lot of time alone and hated city-life. So as you can imagine the leopard man of Skye was feline fine once he got back into the wild.

However, Life in the wild eventually became too much for Tom. He finally returned to civilization at 73 and became domesticated once more.

7. The Baby that Never Grew Up

Age play is a bizarre form of BDSM or roleplay between couples. It’s where a grown man or woman dresses and acts like a baby while their partner takes care of them. The couples who partake in such activity may do so for a few hours though, for one 21-year-old woman in Florida, it’s a lifestyle.


Jess will typically spend her day dressed in a diaper which she may or may not urinate in… but no number 2’s, that’s apparently going too far, says Jess. The reason why Jess enjoys living as a baby is that she can act cute and playful. She explains that wearing baby clothes and diapers is a type of regressive behavior that is also comforting to her.


And while she calls her boyfriend “daddy” and drinks from a bottle, Jess and her boyfriend David’s age play isn’t sexualized in any way.

6. The Real-life Little Mermaid

They say find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life and for one fortunate Australian, she does exactly that.

©Hannah Fraser

33-year-old Hannah Fraser works as a professional mermaid at the Sydney Aquarium. From a young age, she has always had a passion for them. At age nine, she made her first tail. Her second tail was made in 2002 using a wetsuit material, two coat hangers, flippers and duct tape.

©Hannah Fraser

Hannah had been primarily working in fashion modelling for over 10 years. However, there are a few things about her that signify that maybe she really is a mermaid. Hannah can hold her breath for 2 minutes, has a scuba diving qualification and has swum alongside whales, sea lions and dolphins. If that’s not the life of a real mermaid then I don’t know what is.

5. Superheroes Not in Comics

The idea of being a superhero is pretty cool but in reality, none of us have the money, skills, or sex appeal to do it.

But that doesn’t mean they still don’t exist. Take, for example, the Knight Warrior, a 19-year-old superhero who helped drunk people as they left pubs and gave food to the homeless.


The only thing Knight Warrior has is a flashy costume. But he states that’s exactly what he needs to get people’s attention, often stunning them with his magnificent allure.

Knight warrior has no combat training, gadgets or weapons and lives at home with his mom. But that didn’t stop him from being a real-life superhero. What did stop him, however, was being attacked by yobs who recognized him out of character. It was then that he gave up his cape.

On the other side of the spectrum comes Phoenix Jones. He’s probably the closest thing to a real superhero you can get.


Based in Seattle, 22-year-old Benjamin Fodor decided one day to become Phoenix Jones after his car was broken into and no bystanders present attempted to intervene.

Phoenix Jones’ costume is equipped with a bulletproof vest and armor plating though he might not even need it since he’s a professional MMA fighter too.

4. The Man Who Cried Wolf

In fairytales, wolves are often depicted as aggressive, dangerous animals that you most certainly would not want to encounter during a walk through a forest on a Sunday evening. Sure these stories are designed to scare kids and maybe adults but they’re not enough for one person in particular.

Shaun Ellis always had a fascination with the natural world. However, it wasn’t until he read about a wolf research center in Idaho that he decided he wanted to actually go and live with them.


Shaun sold everything he owned for plane fare, worked on the reservation, and learned how to track and collect data about wolves. After a couple of years, Shaun then decided to get a little closer and moved into the wild.

Staying in a den area, a remote spot where wolves look after their young, Shaun was able to integrate into one pack effectively. The wolves would bring Shaun raw deer and elk which he thankfully ate or sometimes even fruit and berries.

©National Geographic

His body adapted to his new diet quickly and he claims he never got ill.

After a year of staying with the same pack, Shaun returned back to the modern world as he had lost a lot of weight and he felt it was time to return back to society. The experience taught him a great deal about wolves. That enabled him to run his own center that aids wild and captive wolves.

3. The Barefoot Sensei

There’s no denying the benefits of exploring a forest; fresh air, free food growing everywhere, and a great place to read a book in peace. These were some of the perks that made one man decide to make the forest his home.

Mick Dodge, fed up of living in a stressful, hectic world that the rest of us are stuck in, decided one day to give it up and live a strange life: live in the middle of the forest, in a tree stump to be exact.

©Josh Taylor

Mike is nicknamed “the barefoot sensei” since he doesn’t wear shoes while walking around the forest. He stopped wearing footwear entirely way back in 1991. He claims this has healed his plantar fasciitis, hammertoes and back pain. Mick is a huge advocate for going barefoot, he reckons it helps increase your senses and strengthens your bond with nature.


While the majority of us couldn’t hack more than 1 hour in a forest or 2 minutes without WIFI, Mick loves it. He plans to never return to his old lifestyle anytime soon. To keep dry, Mick wears plastic garments. He stipulates that is the key to living in the forest.

2. The Record-Breaking Lizard Man

Getting a tattoo normally has a significant reason behind the decision; a permanent reminder for something that’s happened in your life or reminds you of someone close to your heart. Then again, it might have something to do with expressing yourself that you could never do before. And that’s where the lizard man comes in.


Also known Erik Sprague, he’s done a number of unusual things to himself to appear like a lizard, or close enough to one if you squint a little.

With over 700 hours of tattooing completed on his body, filed teeth, subdermal implants in his eyebrows and a bifurcated tongue, you would think he was Killer Croc from Suicide Squad.

Erik loves being a lizard and made the decision to undergo his transformation over 20 years ago. Not only does he look cool, he can also do cool stuff too. Erik performs sideshow acts such as pushing a giant corkscrew through his head and sword swallowing. He also currently has the Guinness world record for the heaviest weight lifted and spun with pierced ears, which was a 16kg beer keg.

©Ba Yin Ma

That’s one pretty cool party trick.

1. Every Dog has its Day

To live life as a dog is appealing, to say the least; not only do you get to pee in public but random strangers might even give you free food just because you look cute…

This might partly explain why there are people out there who dress and live as dogs; even going so far as living in packs, playing with squeaky toys, and probably sniffing each other’s butts.

via Imgur

This subculture grew out of the BDSM community. Since the last 15 years, these strange lives have gained momentum thanks to the internet making it easier to find like-minded individuals.

The general attire of a human pup is wearing a leather costume with a dog-like hood or mask. The human pups enjoy stomach rubs, ear-tickling, and eating out of bowls, just like humans.

©BPM Media

In Antwerp, there is also a Mr. Puppy competition. Think of it as a mix between a beauty pageant and Crufts. One reason why people choose to pretend to be a puppy or dog is that it focuses on the positive elements of a dog; aspects such as loyalty and affection that you wouldn’t find if you dressed as a frog or hippo. Another reason is that pretending to be a dog is like a form of escapism for some who wish to escape their monotonous everyday life.


So, do you see the appeal in any one of these strange lives? And if not, which do you think is the strangest? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for reading.

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