Satisfying Times Karma Came For Awful People – Part 2

Sometimes, justice seems so far out of reach. But every once in a while, the universe does us a solid and delivers its own delicious brand of instant karma upon the awful people who deserve it the most. From clueless criminals to animals with a vengeance, let’s jump right into a heaping, therapeutic dose of satisfying instant karma.

Flame-Grilled Mobile Domicile

If you’re dumb enough to commit theft, it’s usually a good idea to carry out your crimes as far away from your home as possible. Unfortunately for a group of careless Californian criminals, good ideas were in short supply in July 2019. They decided to break into a local business mere meters away from the trailer they were living in. They were cutting the fence, damaging and pooping in a boat parked in the driveway, and using a flare to melt the lock on a storage container.


This was all caught on CCTV. The flare wouldn’t be the only thing to burn that night. While the break-in was taking place, their trailer caught fire. It was eventually engulfed in a roaring blaze.


Locals theorized that the blaze may have been the result of an unattended meth lab in the trailer; something which only adds to the tally of idiot points for this bunch of budget burglars. Either way, by the time the thieves realized, it was too late. The trailer exploded, forcing them to flee the scene. Instant karma had delivered a burn they wouldn’t forget.

Bear-ly An Inconvenience

Traveling alone in bear territory is – in many cases – a recipe for disaster. But if you do, you should know that bears are pretty curious – and sometimes aggressive – when they notice intruders on their land. And a curious bear is always going to be a little peeved if you pepper spray him in the face. But for Mary Maley, a half-hearted squirt of pepper spray wasn’t enough to ward off a black bear that was sniffing around near her cabin, deep in the wilds of Alaska.

©Mary Maley

Mary was audibly surprised to encounter the bear during hibernation season… Luckily, it didn’t take its revenge by eating her, but instead chose to destroy Mary’s only means of escape; her kayak. Despite Mary’s pleas, the bear seemed to take great pleasure in ripping the boat apart.

It’s as if it knew that Mary would be forced to swim in ice-cold waters to a nearby anchored yacht for help. I imagine the bear laughed with joy, through his burning eyes, and praised himself for a case of karma well done.

Snap Decisions

There’s nothing worse than people who bother animals that clearly want to be left alone. Luckily, on occasion, these types of people come into contact with animals that can stand up for themselves. Like this overly-generous young man, who insists on giving a wild snapping turtle a lick of his lollipop.

Kid feeding snapping turtle lollipop from PeopleBeingJerks

Aggravating a creature with a beak this sharp is, unsurprisingly, not smart. And the kid learns this the hard way, when the uninterested turtle finally agrees to take a chomp… out of the boy’s finger. The turtle clearly knew where the real sucker was.

Training Pants

In the immortal words of Shrek, ‘better out than in’, right? Well, not when you decide to pee outside a busy train station in broad daylight, as dozens of commuters pass by.

And especially not if you want to avoid humiliation and keep your right to travel by rail. This weak-bladdered, disrespectful individual gained Twitter attention for doing just that in July 2019. British Transport Police not only banned him from travel; they also made him mop up his mess.

©BTP Gloucestershire Worcestershire & Herefordshire

All while commuters who otherwise may have ended up with wet, smelly footwear looked on in joy and confusion.

Justice Junction

Reckless drivers can be incredibly infuriating. But too often they go unpunished. Not this time. A Reddit user’s wife captured some instant karma on her dashcam while waiting at a junction. Up ahead, a pickup can be seen veering around a car that has begun to stop for the red light.

[OC] Wife caught this one a while back. Trucks ain’t got time for red lights! from r/instantkarma

Apparently, red lights don’t apply to pickup drivers. The person behind the wheel makes the executive decision to cruise across the junction. But what Speedy Gonzales didn’t notice was the police car merely 2 cars behind him. The policeman sure noticed him, though, and instantly gave pursuit. Really gives you hope, doesn’t it?

Cool Off!

When ice-cream man and reddit user Perthchippies9gave a free ice cream to a girl whose mother couldn’t afford one, he never expected it would cause a problem.

But a moment later, he was approached by a woman who demanded three free ice creams for her and her kids. Understandably, Perthchippiessaid no, explaining that his act of generosity was a one-off. Indeed, it would be considerably unprofitable if he did it for everyone.

But, while the petulant woman didn’t ask to speak to the manager, she did kick up a fuss. It didn’t help her case when she started bringing the recipient of the free ice cream’s race into the equation. Perthchippies had had enough. In sight of the angry woman, he began handing out free ice creams to several other families who were sitting on the grass nearby.

The woman stormed off, infuriated. Perthchippies, on the other hand, basked smugly in his self-administered, deliciously petty dose of instant karma.

Last Legs, Last Laugh

Hunting’s a controversial topic. But there’s no denying that a deer probably isn’t too pleased when it gets nailed with a deadly projectile. In this case from 2015, the projectile was a crossbow bolt, which injured the deer and caused it to flee.

When the Wisconsin hunter responsible tried to track the deer down to finish the job, it leapt out of the thick brush and chased him down, headbutting him in the leg and leaving him in hospital.

While the fate of the deer after it took its revenge is unknown, I’m sure it felt satisfied at having slightly rebalanced the scales of justice, for all his friends mounted above hunters’ fireplaces.

Pride And Punishment

Sometimes, animals deliver their own form of justice for fallen comrades in a much more extreme way than a simple headbutt. In 2018, a group of poachers met a grisly end while hunting lions in the Sibuya Game Reserve in South Africa.

©Andrea Bohl

Poaching is highly illegal in the area, but the legal system wouldn’t be administering punishment this time. When the park’s anti-poaching dogs drew their handler’s attention to an area of the park that homed a pride of lions, one Monday morning, he’d expected to see poachers in the act. What he found, however, were a mismatch of shoes, gloves, hunting rifles, axes and – most significantly – a skull and a chunk of pelvis.

It was clear that the hunters had been overwhelmed, and completely devoured, by the lions. Not every poacher gets their comeuppance, but these South Africans got the lion’s share.

Citizen Slaps Back

Sometimes, awful people inadvertently administer their own karma. For these slap-happy young men, karma comes in threes. For no good reason, these hooligans – crammed onto a scooter – decide to triple-slap a passer-by. But their violence would be their own downfall, as the slaps send their scooter spiraling off-balance.

When you hit a person walking by… from r/instantkarma

I’ll let the instant karma speak for itself.

The Circle of Strife

If you’re ever curious about how to rack up tons of bad karma, look up Nikolai Yezhov.

via Wikipedia

This unpleasant fellow was head of the Russian Secret Police Agency, the NKVD, from 1936 to 1938. In his short time there, he oversaw the application of terrible atrocities against hundreds of thousands of innocent people. They were captured, interrogated, tortured and often murdered for ‘anti-Communist’ agendas. Unfortunately, what constituted ‘anti-Communist’ was at the discretion of those who implemented the harsh, totalitarian practices. Under Yezhov, the number of Russians imprisoned in the squalid work-camps that were the Gulags almost tripled in a mere two years.

But as was the tendency with Communist leader Joseph Stalin, he soon decided that Yezhovwas too powerful and knew too much. In 1939, Yezhov was arrested. Over the next year he would receive the same imprisonment, torture, interrogation, and eventually execution, that he had gladly overseen on so many occasions.

Gesture Of Justice

After the terrors of Nikolai Yezhov, we all need some light-hearted, karmic refreshment. This dashcam video of the rather aggressive driver of a comically-unintimidating car is one hell of a ride. After being unhappily overtaken, the driver of the orange car tries to reclaim some dominance by cutting in front of the driver filming.


Unfortunately, he’s a little too wrapped up in flipping the bird to focus on the road, and this happens.


This angry driver learned the hard way that steering wheels are a better use for your hands than obscene gestures when on the highway.

Unwelcome Visitors

For a burglar, avoiding being seen is essential. But breaking that first rule without realizing wasn’t the only way the scheme of this Glasgow criminal fell apart. When the resident of the targeted home was startled by the sound of breaking glass, he stealthily stuck his phone out of an upstairs window to investigate the source of the commotion. To the man’s surprise, he discovered a crowbar-wielding home invader struggling to crack open their front door.

©Gerd Altmann

Unbeknownst to the burglar, the legal evidence needed to put him away was already being collected by the occupant of the house he’d assumed to be empty. But it got even better. After the homeowner called the police, they soon arrived, harnessing cat-like stealth despite their fluorescent jackets.

It’s not often that a burglar is caught in the act. The swift clubbing administered by the first policeman on the scene will give some sweet, much-needed karmic satisfaction to anyone who’s ever been robbed.

Brick For Brains

Have you ever watched a film like Home Alone and thought, “surely no criminals are this stupid and incompetent in real life?”. Well, anyone playing Harry and Marv could do worse than to use these two bumbling burglars as character studies for any future Home Alone sequels. The two petty criminals attempt to break into a business by hurling bricks at the window.

©Inside Edition

When the first brick barely leaves a dent, the first burglar makes room for his accomplice to have a crack at it. Unfortunately for him, he decides to move directly into the flight path of a hard, heavy, high-velocity object, courtesy of his fellow burglar.

©Inside Edition

The impact knocks the burglar out cold. His partner in crime is forced to drag him off, in a decidedly undignified escape.

©Inside Edition

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau released the CCTV footage to the public, and while the suspects have not yet been identified, they’ve certainly received punishment. After all, I’m fairly sure international embarrassment on countless global media sources wasn’t on their list of aims that evening. Neither was a brick to the face.


Some people will go to astounding lengths to carry out their perverted fantasies, often at the cost of violating other people’s privacy in disgusting ways. Some of them, luckily, receive a prime delivery of universal justice. One such man went to great lengths to take upskirt pictures of women in public in 2018. He rigged up a small camera to fit inside his shoe, allowing him to snap his pervy pics unnoticed.

Either he’d never heard of the internet’s abundance of naughty-but-consensual images, or he found some sick pleasure in the overcomplicated risk. Whatever the reason for his weird little scheme, the camera’s battery exploded before he was able to snap a single shot, injuring his foot.

Reflecting on the seemingly-divine intervention that led to his chemically-burned toes, he realized that there was something very wrong about the whole ordeal and handed himself in to the police.

Safe to say, this guy won’t be getting off on the wrong foot anymore.

Were you as satisfied as I was with the sweet, sweet justice these clowns received? Have you experienced or witnessed instant karma? Let me know your stories in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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