People Who Were Incredibly Lucky

Sometimes it feels like lady luck only has eyes for a select few people. When the incredibly lucky people among us luck out, they really luck out. Whether they were protected by guardian angels or just in the right place at the right time, here are some incredibly lucky people.

Rollercoaster Smartphone Catch

Nowadays losing your smartphone can feel like losing a limb. In some situations, a simple slip of the hand can spell certain doom for your precious handheld device.


Only the bravest – or, stupidest – people would take their phone out on a rollercoaster to snap a few pics while traveling through the air at 130km per hour. One daring rider on the Shambhala ride in Port Aventura theme park was incredibly lucky after disobeying the ‘no phones’ rule when a man a few seats behind was able to catch their falling iPhone with his lightning-fast reflexes – now that’s some serious skill.

Catching a phone flying through the air while riding 134 KM/H on a rollercoaster from gifs

Lucky Pedestrian

It’s scary to think about how many times we might’ve cheated death in our lifetime. But for this lucky boy, it really seems like it just wasn’t his time yet. The poor dude looks disgruntled as he kicks some trash about. However, he’s incredibly fortunate to have walked away from that fence when he did as a car comes hurtling through it just seconds later.

Student randomly walks away from fence he’d been waiting at, possibly saving his life from nevertellmetheodds

Whether his spider-senses were tingling or not, it seems like this kid really needed a win that day.

Feathered Friend

Speed cameras sometimes seem to come out of nowhere. And before you know it you’re strapped with a hefty fine or even a driver’s awareness course. An unlikely hero stepped between one lucky driver and the law, though, when the speeding camera only managed to capture this.


This vigilant feathered friend appeared just in time to block the driver’s license plate from view. Although the man will probably never get to thank the bird for it he might not be so lucky next time.


In 2007, an adopted 22-year-old man named Steve Flaig was finally reunited with his birth mother in the luckiest way possible. Flaig was about to give up the search when he realized he’d been incorrectly spelling his birth surname wrong. By using an online search engine he discovered that his mother’s address was less than a mile from the Lowe’s store where he worked as a truck driver. After sharing the news with his boss, Flaig discovered that his mother, Chris Tallady, worked as a cashier at the same store all along.


The two colleagues had unknowingly exchanged polite ‘hellos’ when passing each other in the canteen. What incredibly lucky people they are.

Rolling Boulder

In 2019, one American homeowner was surprised to find a massive boulder sitting on their front porch like a strange gift from above.


As it turns out, the reality of the situation was far luckier as this huge stone could’ve destroyed their house. Wildfires in Utah burned down a tree that was supporting the weight of the boulders, causing it to roll a quarter of a mile down the street before miraculously stopping just feet from the front porch. I guess that’s one super-effective method of instant home delivery.

Lucky Car


This photo may look like an action movie still. But it’s actually living proof that sometimes you just have to be in the right place when disaster strikes. These incredibly lucky people in the car happened to be on the safest patch of road when two consecutive earthquakes hit Alaska in November 2018. As the second 7.0 seismic rumble destroyed the road around them, their fortunate vehicle was left standing proud… I just wonder how the owner leaped to safety to snap the winning shot.

Wheelchair Truck Ride

In 2007, a wheelchair-bound man in Paw Paw, Michigan beat all odds when he survived a 55mph ride while attached to the front of a semi-truck.


Ben Carpenter – who suffers from muscular dystrophy – had been crossing the road when the truck pulled out and unknowingly bumped his chair, getting it stuck in the metal grate as it continued onto the highway. Carpenter traveled 2 whole miles before undercover police spotted him and alerted the driver. He’s lucky to be alive today with a great story to tell.

Ice from the Sky

The people in this video will probably never take their eyes off the sky after surviving this bizarre incident.

Chunk of Ice falls off airplane. from nevertellmetheodds

Ice can sometimes form on the outside of an aircraft cruising at high altitude and can slip off the plane making what looks like a freak weather incident to those on the ground below. The area in this video is under a heavy air traffic route by Heathrow airport. But thankfully of 2.5 million flights traveling through UK airspace only around 25 ‘falling ice’ incidents are reported annually, making this lucky escape also incredibly rare.

Falling Branch

Speaking of falling objects, check out this close call.


It happened after a huge tree branch broke and miraculously peeled down a car exterior without breaking any glass or entering the vehicle. I’ll bet the driver could hardly believe their eyes when assessing the bizarre situation. They’re incredibly lucky that the only damage the branch caused was this oddly satisfying cross-section.

Piano Treasure

In 2017 expert piano tuner Martin Blackhouse was called to tune a 110-year-old piano that had been donated to Bishops Community College in Shropshire.


During that, he made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. After noticing that the keys felt unusually stiff, the technician found several cloth-bound packets containing 913 gold sovereigns and half sovereigns dating from 1847-1915.


The hoard – which amounts to over 13lb of gold bullion – was declared a national treasure and property of the Crown. However, Blackhouse still earned himself a share of a reward large enough to retire early.

Parenting Instinct

Parenting is hard but often instinct is there to lead the way. This mother may have saved her child’s life with her lightning-fast reflexes. The barrier in this video is hollow, with a large drop into the stairwell. After taking her eye off the ball for a split second, the curious tot very nearly falls through some super-wide railings before his mother scrambles to grab him by the ankle.

Mom has Spider-Man reflexes from nevertellmetheodds

She even saves her iPhone too. Thankfully, people nearby are there to help haul him up as he dangles above the staircase below. She receives applause for her quick-thinking. If you ask me, though, this looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen…

Down the Drain

Most mornings are stressful enough without having a mini heart-attack thanks to a close shave like this.

via 9GAG

Losing your car keys down a street drain is a real achievement even for the clumsiest among us. This person should be thankful that the width and angle of the fall were on their side this time. After all, no one wants to be on all fours with a coat hanger and chewing gum at 9am trying to hook the sucker out…

Lucky Thrill Seeker

True thrill-seekers will go to great lengths to get their fix of adrenaline, but safety still comes first. One tourist was incredibly lucky in 2018 while visiting a Chinese adventure park. Incredibly, his safety harness snapped while leaping across a bridge 500 feet above the ground.

The attraction known as “Ji Xian Fei Yue” or “Extreme Leaps”– which allows daredevils to experience high-altitude thrills – was temporarily shut down after the clip went viral online. He may have escaped unharmed, but this man came dangerously close to a fatal freefall.

A Small Bite

For many people swimming in the open ocean is already a scary prospect. But can you imagine emerging from the water to discover something like this?


In 2014 14-year-old Mikaela Medina was swimming in the murky waters off the coast of Galveston, Texas when she felt something bump her back. It wasn’t until her mother examined her that she realized her incredibly lucky escape. Between 1911-2013, only 15 shark attacks and 1 fatality were recorded in the area. Although Medina was only treated for puncture wounds on her upper back, who knows how close she was to becoming shark food.

©Gyöngyvér Fábián

Casual Save

It’s not often we get the chance to save someone’s life. Who could imagine doing it with just a casual tap on the shoulder? Seconds after his brief encounter with a passing stranger, this man in Adana in Turkey manages to narrowly avoid being fatally hit by a metal gate as it swings in his direction while a van passes through.

A man taps another mans shoulder not knowing that would save his life from nevertellmetheodds

The bewildered man may never meet his savior again. The chances are he’s either an incognito time-traveler or a real-life guardian angel….

Not Exploding on Impact

Finding a scratch or bump on your parked car can be a real bummer. But one Libyan man had an even bigger shock when he discovered this after seeking shelter from shelling in Benghazi in 2014.


Instead of exploding on impact, a live mortar shell had somehow punched a hole in the bodywork of his vehicle before becoming wedged in the rubber tire. Fawwaz Qasim Kassis recalled how he initially ran from the scene. But he couldn’t resist returning a few days later to snap a risky photo of the unbelievable feat.

Outrunning Death

Day-to-day living doesn’t prepare us for truly life-threatening situations. So it’s hard to imagine how we might react when instinct kicks in. However, this man truly embodied the fight-or-flight impulse when he somehow managed to outrun a falling transmission tower.

Man flees from a transmission tower from watchpeoplesurvive

Running to the side might seem like the logical solution to an unthinkable scenario like this, but the possibility of being struck by the charged electrical cables could prove just as fatal. Besides, giving Usain Bolt a run for his money in this action movie-style escape is far more awesome – an over-the-top explosion is all that’s missing.

Miraculous Catch

Most smartphones aren’t built to survive even the smallest drops. Almost everyone has suffered a cracked screen at some point, so dropping it while speeding down the highway should be a one-way ticket to a new phone. While riding a Honda Grom and filming on a headcam with friends, this man miraculously caught an iPhone in his lap after it fell out of the pocket of the guy ahead and bounced up off the pavement.

All Luck from nevertellmetheodds

The owner is incredibly lucky to have the phone returned. The odds of catching a moment like this on camera are surely one-in-a-million.

Narrow Escape

If there’s one thing worth fearing, it’s sinkholes. These natural disasters can happen anywhere, swallowing anything whole in an instant. So the odds of surviving one as narrowly as this are pretty damn crazy. This van may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but it’s lucky that the sinkhole wasn’t much wider.

Well that’s terrifying. from nevertellmetheodds

Or the driver may not have been able to escape by kicking the windshield in and crawling out. Still, the cameraman is tempting fate by standing so close to the edge – luck like this doesn’t usually strike twice, buddy.

Flying Car

Staying alert is important because you just don’t know when a flying car is going to come out of nowhere, right? This lucky cyclist happened to have stopped at the perfect place on the crossing moments before a car comes barrel-rolling through the air toward him.

This car bouncing over a cyclist from nevertellmetheodds

It narrowly cleared the shell-shocked man as it comes to a halt a few feet away. Unsurprisingly the guy on the scooter is totally frozen in amazement after witnessing such an amazing feat – whoever said luck isn’t a superpower?

Deer Miss

Cars aren’t the only flying objects worth watching out for when you’re in survival mode. These cyclists captured the insane moment a deer ran out in front of a car and flew off the bonnet towards them.

Deer Miss from nevertellmetheodds

Over 1.5 road accidents involving deer are reported annually with 42,000 deer killed in the UK alone. And around 200 people are also killed as a result – which is no surprise considering the impact they can make on a vehicle. This particular total deer miss was incredibly lucky for the people involved – well, apart from the deer – as the bikes back-camera also shows the moment the animal hits the road causing the car behind to stop just in the nick of time.

Lucky Driver

It’s normal to feel a bit uneasy when driving behind a lorry carrying a large load. Anyone who’s seen the Final Destination movies will be sure to keep a good distance. But very rarely things do go wrong. Just take a look at this horrifying image of a car that experienced this nightmare first-hand.


A huge sheet of corrugated iron slid off the back of a truck piercing the car from front-to-back. Thankfully there was no one in the passenger seat and the driver managed to escape unharmed. Or this could’ve been one seriously unlucky situation.

Flying Axe

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, just imagine the horror of an axe flying through the air towards you on the highway. This was the reality for one passenger in Massachusetts in 2014 when the unsecured weapon became dislodged from a landscaping truck ahead on route 95 as it hurtled toward the car.

via Reddit

Thankfully, the axe only went halfway through the windshield and no one was hurt. However, police warned that if the driver had been over the speed limit the outcome could’ve been very different. After experiencing something like this and surviving I’m pretty sure your luck might just be spent…

Which of these incredibly lucky people do you think was the luckiest? Have you ever been as lucky? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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