Funny Job Fails: People Who Had One Job and Failed

funny job fails

It’s easy to feel discouraged when you’ve had a bad day. Fortunately, the Internet is full of things to
make you feel better — namely, far bigger mistakes than you’ve made. Some people can pull an epic fail on even the simplest of tasks. These funny job fails will amaze you and give a massive self-esteem boost!

A ‘Straight’ Line

I’m guessing this line was painted on a Monday.

© Wonderful Engineering

Either that, or the painter had a sense of humor and pictured how epic it would be if an inebriated driver was asked to walk a straight line…on this.

Do Not Bend!

It doesn’t get much simpler than “do not bend,” but some people just can’t help themselves.

© Had One Job

Maybe this mail carrier was having a bad day. Let’s hope whatever that was that couldn’t be bent was still sort of usable afterward. The same goes for this flauntingly ignored “do not crush” instruction.

© Ebaum’s World

Let’s hope it wasn’t one big stink bomb, or actually, that would be quite good payback to the driver.

Sprite in a Coke Package

You know how annoying it is when someone insists on calling every kind of soda “Coke,” like it’s synonymous with pop. But when one of those people gets a job packaging Sprite at a Coke factory, something like this happens.

© Had One Job

Let’s hope you’re not the next person to rip open a nice package of Coke and find…Sprite.

What…a Spork?

The funny job fails get even funnier. Better think twice before forking over any cash for these…spoons. If someone at the factory was trying to reinvent the spork, they sure went about it the wrong way.

© Had One Job

Want Some Cheetorito?

Crunchy, cheese-flavored, salty snacks are sometimes so similar, you just can’t tell them apart. Maybe that explains why this display of Cheetos is labeled as Doritos….hey, they do kind of rhyme, right? This could be the start of a beautiful hybrid product, say, the Cheetorito?

© Had One Job

A Hybrid Fruit

While on the subject of hybrids, is this one of those new hybrid fruits like the grapple? Or are the strawberries just blue because they’re lonely on that shelf? Either way, someone should have looked twice before quality-checking this one.

© Had One Job

Athletic…or Not?

Hey, not everyone is cut out to be a star athlete. At least this guy with his hands up is trying to do something to earn his participation trophy. Maybe he’ll get one for avoiding unnecessary roughness or partaking in the dispersed Mexican wave.

© Reddit – richardb4

Don’t Enter the Park

There’s probably a better way to keep people out of this parking lot—like a strip of nails across the driveway. Sadly this parking “assistant” is coming up a little short.

© Hamusoku

The Literacy Problem

We can see how this was confusing.

© Cheezburger

Literacy involves reading, reading involves letters…apparently the person in charge of this sign needed to attend the event before putting up the sign. Of course they probably denied the funny job fails and told everyone they did it on purpose to call attention to the problem.

Say ‘Cheese’

Sometimes you just have to show the camera your best side—even if it’s not your face.

© Pleated Jeans

On the other hand, maybe the photographer thought the light was better on the other side. At least everyone said cheese and gave a thumbs-up… oh wait, these guys are badass. They were probably gonna use the photo for their next rap album.

The Wrong Type of Water Fountain

I know, the person who set up this water fountain wanted to make sure no one had to deal with just a trickle of water.

© Pantip

That IS annoying, but so is getting sprayed in the face with a geyser of water, or a perpetually soggy carpet. Getting electrocuted… is all part of the fun.

Funny Job Fails – Epic Ad Failure

Usually products don’t fail to live up to their advertising claims until after you buy them and take them home. We kind of want to high-five the employee who made this scene possible. It’s not every day you get to find out the ad claims are false before you whip out your credit card.

© Rouming

The Lonely Pepperoni

Maybe someone was confused about how to make a personal-size pizza, or maybe they were just down to their last slice of pepperoni and hoped no one would notice. The single pepperoni in the middle does look lonely—wait, maybe it’s a Target-brand personal pizza!

© Professor Mungleton

Back to School…with a Knife

Funny job fails? Yeah, but call it dangerous too! Perhaps the person who put this display together dropped out of school. Or maybe they thought the kids at their local elementary needed the knives to protect themselves against potential grizzlies, but something doesn’t seem quite right. Are they sure this was on the school list?

© Devianart – xxxxchrisxxx

Strapping Is Hard

“Strap the four-wheeler into the pickup bed” sounds simple, doesn’t it?

© Reddit – IllIDANIllI

I can’t fault anyone for trying to safely secure the cargo in this truck bed, but running those straps through the hub cap is going to drive someone crazy…

Boneless Bananas

It’s a real relief when you go to buy bananas and find they’ve already been de-boned.

© Epic Fail

© Labaq

Oh, wait, bananas don’t have bones, and neither do these watermelons. That sign is just, well, bananas.

The Long Yellow Thing

We’ve all had one of those moments where the word is on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t think of it. I’ll assume that happened here, when a grocery store worker apparently decided that bananas are just long yellow things.

© Reddit – bstarks7

Technically the sign isn’t wrong, exactly, but wouldn’t it have been easier to Google “long yellow fruit” and get the name?

Watermelon Corn

Of course, if you’re looking for corn, that could also be a long yellow thing…if it wasn’t labeled as onions…or watermelon.

© Fabio

© Dump a Day

But wait, is it BONELESS watermelon? More specifics are needed here.

Not the Best Ad…

No matter how bad your day has been, at least you didn’t make such a large and publicly visible mistake as this billboard specialist. You’d think a quick glance before driving away would have stopped the worker from leaving such a mistake.

© Had One Job

The Woe Is…Extra Letters

Someone at this College of Architecture and Planning didn’t plan on having an extra letter that needed to be stuck, well, anywhere. But apparently that’s what happened, when a corner prevented the entire title from fitting neatly on the overhang. Should they plan to remodel?

© Reddit – helplesshands

Drainage Grate

To err is human, but having one job and failing at it is more universal. This drainage grate is apparently just hanging out while the streets around it flood with water.

© Imgur

Maybe it had a long day and was feeling drained? On a serious note though, it could be designed that way to prevent the drains from overflowing. It’s doing a ‘grate’ job in that case.

The Super Artsy Art

They say art is in the eye of the beholder, but surely whoever put up these tiles could see they weren’t quite forming the intended picture.

© Reddit – [deleted]

Either that or the construction worker was going for an abstract art feel, in which case this wall should come with a six-figure price tag.

Where Is Asia?

Not everyone is skilled at geography or finding things on a map—that’s why we have search engines and GPS. So it shouldn’t have been hard to find an image of Asia to put on a t-shirt, right?

© Reddit – nvernon123

Don’t Stack, Please.

It doesn’t get much simpler than these instructions: Do not stack. It’s even repeated on every single box…in the stack.

© Impact Lab

The Left-Right Conundrum

Left, right, it’s all just so confusing. At least it was for whoever designed this remote. Was it maybe put together by the same person who made that Asia t-shirt?

© Reddit – IvanLudvig

Not a Simple Ice Cream Cone

Ah, a chocolate-coated ice cream cone, the perfect thing to make your bad day better. That is, until the cone starts melting down your fingers. The maker of this one clearly wanted to make it hard to just hold the cone lower down.

© Jokes Land

Warning! Don’t Open the Window.

The only thing more depressing than a windowless office is an office where the window opens onto…a cement wall. It doesn’t even open enough to provide much of an escape route, should you be ready to leave this delightful building.

© Klocher

Bikers Beware!

Either that first bollard is a portal, this is one exciting but dangerous obstacle course for bikers, or someone was supposed to paint that arrow a few inches to the side. I don’t recommend you trying to find out.

© Koreus

Funny Job Fails – Out of the Box

Even if this is Brooklyn, that tree should not be growing out of the sidewalk, right? Especially with that handy little square right next to it. How unfortunate that someone had one job but decided to leave it so poorly done. Epic job fails, no doubt.

© Had One Job

The Toilet Paper Dilemma

We know, getting the toilet paper on the roller practically requires a PhD, and then there’s that age-old argument about which way the paper goes. It’s no wonder this person did such a half-assed job of replacing the toilet paper. But leaving it pinned in place was just mean—if you can’t figure it out, just set the roll on the floor already.

© Imgur

Cheese on the Side?

I know its cheesy, but I think this one is grate. Its Unbrielievable someone managed to mess this one up. I suppose they got annoyed at the amount of edam puns.

© Poxe

What’s one super simple job you have seen someone fail at? Let me know in the comment section down below if you know about any funny job fails!

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