Extreme Body Transformations People Have Undertaken

Our bodies are temples. It’s important that we decorate and protect them as we see fit; however, not everyone has the same idea of beauty. And not everyone wants to fade into the crowd. Some people want to get healthier, while others want to look so far from their original self that they’re willing to spend thousands to achieve it. Here’s a list of extreme body modifications.

10. Mayra Rosales

When most people make New Years Resolutions, they aim to lose a little bit of weight. But Mayra Rosales had a larger number in mind: hundreds, to be exact.


The 34-year-old, formerly 1,000-pound woman, had over 10 surgeries done to help her lose more than 800-pounds. She lived an incredibly tough life when her nephew passed away, causing her to balloon up to gain hundreds of pounds. Her sister murdered her nephew and Mayra took the blame. However, the autopsy showed inconsistency in her story, pointing fingers to her sister, Jamie. After Mayra was proven innocent, she vowed to get healthy and take care of her sister’s other children when she was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Mayra wasn’t the only notable person who has lost a ton of weight. Mama June from Honey Boo Boo has lost over 300-pounds since her debut into the world of reality.


After a series of plastic surgeries and weight-loss surgeries, the 37-year-old is finally in her final form and shining more than ever.

©Marcus Ingram

After her new reality television show highlighted her journey, the mother admitted that something needed to change, and she was also scared. She’s adamant about keeping off the hundreds of pounds with better exercise decisions, better portion control, and much better food decisions. Let’s hope that carries onto her children, as well!

9. Farah F’n Flawless

Back in the days of MySpace, Pauly Unstoppable was a body modification force to be reckoned with. At the time, he was known for his incredibly large stretched nose piercings, as well as massive stretched ears.


Tattoo after tattoo, piercing after piercing, Pauly finally found his true identity and came out as transgender. She now goes by the name of Farrah F’n Flawless. She is much different looking now than she was before. Completely covered in black tattoos, she had erased her past using new modifications and shocking the world even more.


Farrah wasn’t the first transgender woman to completely modify herself into something new though. Formerly known as Richard Hernandez, the Arizona native decided that he wanted to be a woman. He wanted to become a Dragon Lady in her final form.

©Caters News

After tattooing scales over her face, getting facial implants to mimic the structure of a “dragon”, and more, Richard Hernandez is finally happy the way she is.

8. Elaine Davidson

Elaine Davidson was a gorgeous woman at one point.

©Michael Schofield

But when you show someone a picture of her now, that may not be the case anymore. Don’t worry, as it wasn’t because of some accident – it was by choice. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Elaine Davidson is one of the most pierced women in the world, if not the MOST.

©George Gastin

As of August 2001, it was reported (and verified) that she had more than 720 piercings; however, just a few years later in 2005, she had managed to get more than 3,900! If you’re wondering where she keeps all of those piercings, she has around 500 in her nether regions alone – both internally and externally. That has doubled since then as of 2009, and the weight of her jewelry is said to be around 11 pounds.

Elaine isn’t the only crazy one, as Maria Jose Cristerna may have her beat.

©Archivo Medios Públicos EP

Known as the Vampire Woman, Maria Jose Cristerna from Venezuela, is a mother of four and actually a lawyer! While her appearance may seem a bit off-putting, her ability to argue a good case is intimidating!

7. Krystina Butel

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but this next woman, Krystina Butel, has spent more than $176,000 on plastic surgery for an extreme body modification. It made her look like a former caricature that she had drawn of her from a festival.

©News Dog Media

That’s not the only shocking part – the caricature is a photo drawn of her when she was 16. Yes, she’s devoted the better half of her life to looking like a 15-year-old cartoon. Her very first surgery was performed when she was 17-years-old.

©News Dog Media

She had even parted ways with her significant other to focus more on looking like that image. The hairdresser turned caricature-crazed star originally had the caricature done in Ibiza on vacation. She claims every surgery is one step closer to her looking like her dream.

Krystina claims that when she first saw the caricature, she was jealous and that the girl in the picture was glamorous, unlike her tomboyish self. She claimed that the photo was “everything she wanted to be”, but doesn’t realize that the photo is her, and is a much more exaggerated version of her. Never being into makeup, Krystina threw that out the window at aged 14 when she dropped out of school and became a hairdresser. Two years later, she would plummet into the world of attempting to attain perfection through a plethora of surgeries.

6. Paul Mason

Once the world’s fattest man, Paul Mason once weighed more than 980 pounds.

©Tony Uldrick

After five years worth of hard work, he managed to lose more than 650 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery in 2010.


After being told by the NHS in Britain that they refused to remove the skin, he moved to Quincy, Massachusetts for a skin removal operation, where his life changed even more. The skin removal surgery wasn’t the only reason he moved to Massachusetts, as he met a woman named Rebecca online there. She made the first move, contacting him after hearing about his obesity issues, and she ended up proposing to him live on air.

The surgery happened in April of 2015. The excess skin weighed more than 50-pounds.


To put into perspective how much skin was taken off, the total measurements of the incisions made totaled around 8-feet. More than 25-pounds were removed from his legs, with the other 25 being removed from his stomach area. The first piece of skin removed from Paul Mason’s body took more than four hours to accomplish. The entirety of the surgery would cost him more than $250,000. Thankfully, the team waved the entire cost of the operation. Paul and his fiancée Rebecca now live together in Massachusetts – where Paul was finally able to sit in a movie theater seat without any problem at all.

©Rex Features

5. Mr. Mayhone

Mr. Mahone spent more than 15 years transforming his entire body to make him look like a jester.


While most people want to be a prince, or even on the level of a king, Mr. Mayhone had different ideas. Now 32-years-old, Mr. Mayhone has tattooed most of his body with some form of colorful patchwork, hoping to resemble some sort of clown.


He originally didn’t put his love of jesters on his body. In fact, he used to draw and paint them religiously, until he found that he’d rather be one instead. At the young age of 17-years-old, Mr. Mayhone finally began making his dreams a reality and he received his first tattoo. After years of sitting in the hot seat and getting tattooed from his feet to his eyes, Mr. Mayhone has almost his entire body covered. He didn’t tattoo his face until he realized that he was tired of putting makeup on, and said “it made sense” to finally have it tattooed.

4. Henry Damon

You haven’t seen crazy until you’ve seen this extreme body modification. A Venezuelan man by the name of Henry Damon has taken the modification scene by storm.


He spent thousands to look like his favorite Marvel villain. If you thought he’d look like one of the humanoid Marvel villains, you’re unfortunately mistaken. Henry’s surgeries have gotten so extensive that he’s chopped off his nose, received head implants, and even tattooed his skin red to resemble Red Skull – the infamous Marvel Villain.


While those in Hydra may be scared of him, I’m curious as to what his son thinks of his father’s new look!

Surgeons didn’t allow him to hack his face without any form of psychological testing, though, and Henry went through extensive testing to be approved for such a surgery. After being put through so much to deem him healthy for the surgery, it was found that he’s incredibly intellectually and physically healthy, allowing him to move forward with his dreams of being the villainous Red Skull.

3. Valeria Lukyanova

You may have heard the term, “the human Barbie” a million times for anyone who is blonde with blue eyes, but Valeria Lukyanova is infamous for being a human Barbie doll specifically because of her proportions and large, blue eyes.


The Russian-made doll is only 23 years old, and her face has completely changed with this extreme body modification, yet she claims she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done. I’m not totally sold on that, but there is one person who is incredibly open about the work they’ve done on their body: Lucky Diamond Rich. A man who got so bored that he tattooed his entire body, including his gums!


2. Martyn Ford

There are many types of extreme body modifications– from tattoos to weight loss or gender reassignment, but it’s not often that a scrawny boy bulking up makes headlines. That was until Martyn Ford stepped onto the scene. The once 154-pound teenager ended up growing to 6-foot-8, and has more than doubled his weight since.


Of course, this was all turned into muscle, not fat. Now 322-pounds of muscle, Martyn claims to spend more than $339 on food each week.

His rise to glory and bulkiness wasn’t all roses, though, as he suffered from a cricket injury when he was 19 – pushing all of his hard work down the drain. It was there that he plummeted back down to his original 154-pound frame, and he claims to have felt psychologically broken. Twelve years later, he´s back and bigger than ever – literally and mentally.

1. Martina Big

This woman has paid for injections to her skin to make her black. She didn’t just stop there, though, as she ended up getting a nose job, incredibly large breast implants, fake hair, and even liposuction. This resulted in this extreme body modification.

©Jan Haas

According to her Maury segment, she truly thinks she’s black by at least “80%”.


She claims that she feels she can change and absorb the black culture, but many people aren’t buying it. Martina even consumed supplements to help her get a darker complexion.

While you may not choose to do any of these things to your body, I’m happy that some people are finally coming to terms with who they are. Which extreme body modification did you think was the craziest? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for reading!

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