Dumb People That Died Disproving Their Own Theory

It’s human-nature to be curious. If we weren’t curious, we wouldn’t have survived as a species for this long. As humans, we constantly come up with new inventions and theories on how the world works around us. But sometimes, people can be a little complacent in trying to prove their theory, often with fatal consequences. Proving you should do a little more research and testing before blindly believing your own hype, here are 20 dumb deaths of People Trying to Prove Their Own Theory.

20. Supernatural Fails The Shaman

A man known as Suprianto was a shaman from Indonesia. In 2017, he attempted to aid in finding the body of a teenager in a lake.


Suprianto claimed that he had a supernatural ability to control crocodiles. Crocodiles infested the lake in question so Suprianto seemed like the best person for the job. Suprianto got into the lake and began chanting as he swam. Not long after, Suprianto was dragged under the water by a crocodile.

©D Mz

Suprianto’s body was later discovered. It appears that Suprianto’s body was intact, and he died from a lack of oxygen.

19. Stab-Proof Vest Test Ends Tragically

Five days after his 22nd birthday in 2017, Jordan Easton was celebrating with friends in North Yorkshire.

©Dave Robson

Whilst having a great time, Mr. Easton told his friends he was wearing a stab-proof vest. As he was eager to show it off, Mr. Easton picked up a kitchen knife to give a demonstration to his friends. He plunged the knife into his chest to have the vest block the knife.

Unfortunately, the stab-proof vest failed to work. The knife went straight through the – supposedly – ‘stab-proof’ vest and went straight into his chest. Mr. Easton died shortly after this incident.

18. Walking On Crocodile Infested River

Jonathan Mthethwa was a pastor in Zimbabwe. He wanted to prove to the flock at his church that faith is important. Mr. Mthethwa thought the best way to do this was to replicate the Biblical story of Jesus Christ walking on water. The river Mr. Mthethwa chose for this miracle was known as Crocodile River.


On a Saturday morning in 2017, Mr. Mthethwa and his flock went to the river. Mr. Mthethwa began to walk into the river. As he waited to ascend on top of the river, Mr. Mthethwa was attacked by three crocodiles. Only his clothing was left behind from the crocodiles.

17. Inexperienced Sailor Ignores Important Advice


In 2012, Mary Unwin purchased a yacht. The next day, she had a four-hour long sailing lesson. Mrs. Unwin had very little sailing experience up to this point. A couple of days later, Mrs. Unwin decided she was going to surprise her husband by sailing from Cornwall to Devon on her own during the night.

© S. Hermann & F. Richter

Many experienced sailors advised her not to and suggested that she should hire a crew. But she was unwilling to listen. The authorities later discovered the wreckage of the boat, but Mrs. Unwin has never been found.

16. Immortality Pays A Heavy Price

Alexander Bogdanov was a Russian physician during the Soviet Union era and became a pioneer in blood transfusions in the 1920s.

via Wikipedia

His theory was that a person could achieve eternal youth through regular blood transfusions. After 11 transfusions, Mr. Bogdanov spoke about the changes to his body. He said his eyesight had improved, and the rate of balding on his head had stopped. However, Mr. Bogdanov’s luck ran out. He ended up getting a transfusion from tainted blood. The blood was from someone that had malaria and tuberculosis.

The diseased blood, as well as being the wrong blood type, caused a haemolytic transfusion reaction. Mr. Bogdanov died shortly after this fatal transfusion. Overall, research has found mixed results on the effectiveness of blood transfusions, but it seems overwhelming that the risks of rejection make it not worth the risk.

15. Not Quite Bullet-Proof

People testing out their bullet-proof vests seems to be a regular occurrence. In February 2019, Parker Lynch was hanging out with friends in Arizona. They had put a bullet-proof vest up as a target.


They fired their guns at the vest to see what would happen. Then, Mr. Lynch decided to change the game a little. He walked over to the vest and put it on. Mr. Lynch convinced one of his friends to shoot at the vest he was wearing. The vest didn’t manage to stop the bullet fired from his friend. Instead, the bullet punctured the vest and Mr. Lynch, leading to his death shortly afterwards.

14. Stinging Acupuncture

Acupuncture is believed to aid a variety of health complaints, but a 55-year-old Spanish woman wanted to take it a step further by using bee-stings instead of needles.


The unidentified woman used this method of acupuncture every four weeks over the course of two years. But during one appointment, the woman reacted badly to the bee stings. She began to have a severe allergic reaction. Even though the ambulance arrived quickly, the woman passed away a week later in hospital due to anaphylaxis.

13. Couples’ Beliefs Kill Their Child

Sadly, the victim of this one wasn’t at fault. An anti-vaccine, flat-Earth, and chemtrail conspiracy-believing husband and wife’s actions sadly resulted in the death of their six-week-old baby. After the birth of their baby, they refused to allow doctors to provide vaccines, vitamins and other injections for their baby. After the baby passed away, the autopsy showed it was a result of a cerebral hemorrhage from a vitamin-K deficiency. However, the parents believe that the hospital killed their child on purpose in order to sell the baby’s organs. It’s crazy how they prioritized their own beliefs over their child’s health. They are now on trial for manslaughter.

©Huszti István

12. YouTuber ‘s Inaccurate Health Claims

Mari Lopez was a YouTube creator based in Texas.

©Liz & Mari

In 2015, Ms. Lopez received the diagnosis that she had breast cancer. She told her viewers that she had rejected traditional treatment to instead cut out animal-based products. Shortly after, Ms. Lopez stated she was in remission from cancer. On top of that, due to the lifestyle change and some help from God, she was “cured” from being a lesbian. It came as a surprise then when Ms. Lopez’s niece, Liz Johnson, later confirmed that her aunt passed away in 2017 from cancer.

©Liz & Mari

Ms. Johnson has since blamed her own mother for Ms. Lopez’s cancer returning. Ms. Johnson’s reasoning is her mother was feeding Ms. Lopez meat and microwaved food. Maybe she should have just stuck to the treatments suggested by doctors.

11. Magic Man’s Final Trick

Lim Ba, also known as Black Dog, was a self-professed “magic man”.


Hailing from Malaysia, the 68-year-old Mr. Ba had an unusual belief in human steaming. Mr. Ba believed human steaming cleanses his mind and soul. This activity involves a lid being placed to encase Mr. Ba inside a wok. A fire would then be lit underneath the wok. After ten years of undertaking human steaming, the act would eventually take Mr. Ba’s life. 30-minutes into a steaming session, Mr. Ba began to knock against the lid desperately. As onlookers removed the lid, they discovered that Mr. Ba had died.


The cause of death was from second-degree burns and a heart attack.

10. YouTube Stunt Ends Poorly

In 2017, Monalisa Perez from Minnesota had a plan to garner fame. Ms. Perez came up with a stunt that she would film and upload to YouTube. This stunt involved her boyfriend, a gun, and a thick book.


Ms. Perez convinced her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, to take part in her plan. Ms. Perez handed the thick book to Mr. Ruiz, as Ms. Perez picked up the gun. She fired the gun at the book.

She assumed that the bullet would be unable to penetrate through the book due to its thickness. However, the bullet pierced the book and struck Mr. Ruiz in the chest. Regrettably, Mr. Ruiz died from the gunshot.

9. Not Like The Films

An unidentified man in 2018 had grown impatient. He was standing at a railroad crossing in Salt Lake City. As he watched the freight train go by, he decided he couldn’t wait anymore to get to the other side of the track.

©Erich Westendarp

The man thought about the films he had seen. In those films, the characters would easily roll under the passing wheels of the train. The man assumed it would be an easy act to replicate. Suddenly, he saw his chance and attempted to roll around the train’s wheels. However, the man was unable to evade the freight train’s wheels, which resulted in him being crushed to death.

8. Flying Taxi Fails To Fly

Michael Dacre, a 53-year-old British pilot, attempted to test his new invention in 2009 to prove it worked. Mr. Dacre had created what has been described as a “flying taxi”. This vehicle was an eight-seated Jetpod plane.


Mr. Dacre devised this new method of transport in order to allow cheap, quiet, and efficient travel between cities. On the inaugural test-flight, the Jetpd was struggling to take off. Mr. Dacre was the pilot and the only occupant on board. After three attempts to fly, Mr. Dacre tried again for a fourth. This time the Jetpod managed to leave the ground and managed to reach 650 feet before it stalled and crashed into the ground. A large fireball irrupted from the crash, which killed Mr. Dacre and sadly disproved the viability of his vehicle.

7. Unforeseen Death

The spirit Palee was a 25-year-old psychic in Thailand. In 2017, Mr. Palee was performing a ritual which he had performed on numerous occasions. The reason for performing this ritual is to honor the ghosts of ancestors. During this ritual, Mr. Palee would push a sword to his chest.


Every time he had performed the ritual in the past, the blade of the sword snapped on his chest, creating the impression that he was immortal. In his last ritual, the blade of the sword remained intact. Mr. Palee plunged the sword into his chest.

While he did get to hospital, he died not long after.

6. Homemade Parachute Fails To Stop

In 1912, Franz Reichelt glanced over the side at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Mr. Reichelt was wearing his homemade parachute-suit he was convinced worked.

via Wikipedia

The Austrian-born tailor had been working on his parachute-suit for the last two years. The press and police watched below. They watched as Mr. Reichelt jumped from 187 feet and plummeted into the ground.

©British Pathé

The onlookers believed Mr. Reichelt had used a crash-dummy, but sadly this wasn’t the case. As Mr. Reichelt jumped, his parachute-suit engulfed him and failed to work as intended. Mr. Reichelt died on impact on the Parisian ground.

5. Snake Venom Treatment Fails

Musah Dzikpor, from Aflao, Ghana, was 53-years-old when this fatal event occurred at his friend farm he was helping at. A snake was beheaded after it acted aggressively and lunged towards the men. Mr. Dzikpor retrieved the head of the snake and put it into his mouth.

He was attempting to drink the venom of the snake in order to gain an immunity from snake venom. However, the snake was still conscious. The snake sunk its’ fangs into Mr. Dzikpor’s tongue and injected its’ venom. Only half an hour later, Mr. Dzikpor died from the venom’s effects.

4. Bulletproof Charm Misses The Mark

In Nigeria in 2018, Chnaka Adoezuwe was working as a self-professed healer. A man approached Mr. Adoezuwein order to have a bullet-proof charm created for him. Bullet-proof charms or “potions” are regularly created in Nigeria, but they often don’t work. In order to prove that the charm works, Mr. Adoezuwe handed the man a gun. He asked the man to shot him. The man fired at Mr. Adoezuwe. But the charm didn’t protect him.

The gunshot wound killed Mr. Adoezuwe instantly. Where are the health and safety inspectors when you need them?

3. “Bullet-Proof” Rapper Is Shot Dead

Jibril Abdur-Rahman, otherwise known as Yung Mazi, was a rapper hailing from Atlanta.

©Prince Williams

Mr. Abdur-Rahman claimed he had been shot on 11 different occasions. Mr. Abdur-Rahman stated previously that, “God made me bulletproof” after another shooting attempt on him. In 2017, this claim proved to be incorrect. Mr. Abdur-Rahman was at a pizza shop in Atlanta. When he left the shop he was shot multiple times.

©Rudy and Peter Skitterians

Mr. Abdur-Rahman who was 31 years old at the time, died at the scene. The unknown shooter has been able to evade arrest to this day. It’s a really sad story, but also a wonder why he didn’t make serious changes like moving if he had already been shot so many times.

2. Derailed Test

It was 1921, and at the young age of 25, Russian inventor Valerian Abakovsky decided to test his invention; ‘the Aerowagon’. It was an experimental high-speed railcar fitted with an aircraft engine and propeller traction.

©Автор фото неизвестен

A group of Mr. Abakovsky’s associates and himself traveled from Moscow to Tula via this new vehicle. The trip had gone off without a hitch. However, the return journey did not. As the Aerowagon was traveling back to Moscow from Tula, the Aerowagon derailed off the train tracks. Out of the 22 people onboard the Aerowagon, 6 people perished, including Mr. Abakovsky, proving it wasn’t the safe mode of transport they thought it would be.

1. Holy Snakebite

In 2012, pastor Mark Wolford belonged to the Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ which is based in West Virginia. This church believes that Christians must handle snakes in order to test their faith.


Strangely, they aren’t the only church to follow this idea. They think this passage in the Bible is literally telling them to ‘take up serpents’, so they do exactly that. They’ll perform church services whilst holding and playing around with very venomous snakes. Anyone bitten during these services are advised against seeking medical aid as well. Many in the flock have family members that have died from bites. Mr. Wolford was bitten by a rattlesnake as he was testing his faith at an outdoor service.


Many hours after the incident, he finally decided to go to the hospital. As many hours had now passed, the doctors were unable to save Mr. Wolford’s life.

So, next time you have a theory that is potentially life-threatening; take a step back, and get a second opinion before doing anything stupid. Which of the dumb deaths in this article did you think was the most bizarre? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for reading!

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